Backwards people

Yes, backwards people is a politically incorrect phrase, but it also is a straight to the point description as well. But that does leave a bit of an oxymoron when applied, or so some will think.

When the term backwards people is heard, a whole bunch of things comes to mind. People doing things the wrong way or in a way that makes no sense. Why downgrade software when upgrading is the way to go. Why cling on to old and obsolete technology when new technology will clearly make improvements. Why disable function and features of something, that have proven to be beneficial.

For example, medicine has come a long way from the days of blood letting at the village barber. And for someone to suggest that is the way to go will most certainly cause some facial expressions on the people that are listening to that claim. Also to suggest cars should revert to 1960 technology to save money is just as backwards. That AM only radio in the dash with the 4 x 9 speaker will make people extremely happy, particularly so when there is a thunderstorm between the transmitting tower and the car. That way gasoline with lead can be used again as well to further save refining costs. Open the hood and you will only see one fan belt running from the crankshaft, to the water pump, and around the generator. No need for all that fancy stuff like power steering or power brakes. Nothing a little muscle cant overcome.

What about taking frost free refrigerators and replacing them with the ones that require the monthly ritual of towels on the floor and food going bad sitting on the table while the frost chopping is going on.  Going backwards is a wonderful idea to some.

Most people find backwards people odd and unusual, as well as seemingly out of touch with the real world. The baffling idea of doing things backwards, or going backwards is not even tolerated by nature. Going backwards at the very least causes significant problems, all the way up to and including becoming extinct. Going backwards is simply some sort of malfunction that nature will correct one way or the other.

So looking at why people would want to be backwards or go backwards is probably because they can not or will not adapt. The saying ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ may be a good example. Working hard to become an expert at fixing typewriters and being the top in the field, then discovering new technology has made them obsolete can most certainly be a big blow when the new technology of printers puts all of that time and effort in the obsolete closet. All the relationships built with people along the way from customers, to parts suppliers is simply now history, so the desire to bring back typewriters is most certainly an overwhelming desire with these people.

So now when you hear the same enthusiasm from the Republican party in Washington about wanting to undo and go backwards, you can start to see the dots as to why. So with all that backwards enthusiasm, it would be fair to give the Republican party the nickname of the backwards party. After all they are in that same obsolete thinking frame of mind, so as politically incorrect as it sounds, calling them the backwards party fits them well.

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