Psychological attacks on WikiLeaks

In what clearly is an effort to sway opinion against WikiLeaks, news entries that allow comments are being flooded with anti WikiLeaks comments. Normally this would go unnoticed and be lost in the blur of differing opinions, however in this case it is clear that many if not all of the anti Wikileaks comments are being generated to sway opinion and not render opinion.

If you have had a chance to involve yourself in what could be call barroom polling, you will likely have found that the overwhelming majority of people support WikiLeaks. The people that are anti WikiLeaks are people that feel somehow they have personally been violated by the leaks. So very simply the us/them divide is being seen with them being the perpetrators and us being the third party observers.

It is very obvious to the trained eye that an attempt to make use of Sheep Mentality is well underway. The signatures of fake or generated comments are clearly visible. For the most part the Internet is a place a person can be anonymous to strangers, and wide open to friends. This selectiveness is seen in Facebook and other such sites. However when it comes to posting a comment on a news story, the general trend is to use some anonymous name. People that put just a first name keep some of their identity hidden, but people who put first and last name are opening themselves to the world’s wrath should any exist.

For a person to use first and last name suggests that they are credible and have nothing to hide. Perhaps even laying their credentials out as well to provide extra clout. But the reality is, if these people have such high standings in the community and are somehow seen as leaders, there are much better forums to use than posting a comment on a particular news story.

So with that said, the general understanding, concept, or whatever is, these people are leaders and you should follow them hence the Sheep Mentality suggestion. Placing the next dot on the board simply says this person falls into the them category. With them generally being the US government or people that think or feel the US can do no wrong, it completes the circle showing the comments are planted to sway opinion.

To further clarify this, WikiLeaks in a matter of a few weeks has blown the doors off gossip columns and cometary analysis sites. The desire to know is overwhelming, and that is why banned books sell so well. The US efforts to more or less ban the Wikileaks releases has triggered the same curiosity response all humans have, and that is why WikiLeaks is seen as so overwhelmingly positive by the general public.

From our barroom polling we see the numbers being 90% pro Wikileaks and 5% anti WikiLeaks. The remaining 5% reserved comment. If those numbers are constant or even off by 20%, the majority of posted comments should match those numbers. That is why planted anti WikiLeaks comments stick out like the proverbial snowball in a coal bin clearly showing the psychological games being played.

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