Total control Thaksin

Once again another taste of Thailand’s possible future if pro Thaksin politicians come to power. Once again tension is set to rise if that happens, and once again Thailand will be doomed to repeat the events of the last 6 years.

Perhaps the cries from some Pheu Thai Party (PTP) members about Thaksin’s overbearing dominance is the ultimate red flag. The concern that Thaksin is too involved in things he is banned from re-highlights Thaksin’s arrogance and not caring about others. The concern of the PTP members is actually self serving and it seems to indicate a political trap is about to be sprung by Thaksin’s foes.

Casting memories back to January 2008 and you will see a challenge that the People Power Party (PPP) should be disqualified because it was in fact a nominee of the disbanded Thai Rak Thai (TRT). The eventual ruling was that there was not enough evidence to support the charge. However in this case, Thaksin has publically made it known he is running the show for the PTP.

So the trap is set and if it goes as it seems to planed, the PTP may be disqualified after the house is dissolved because of Thaksin’s intimate involvement. There will not be enough time for the members to jump ship to another party as the minimum number of days can never be reached before the election must be held.  That means the remaining parties will pick up the PTP seats during the next elections wiping the board of Thaksin and his party. If that happens Thaksin simply will not have the political muster to recover and he will be finished. As all fatal political wounds in Thailand are self inflicted, this just looks to be the next one in Que.

Thaksin’s desire to be in total control will be his downfall. Hanging rope has slowly been fed to him and the PTP by simply being quiet and letting his bold arrogance become his downfall. There has been way too many lines passed by the PTP and Thaksin for the courts to say not enough evidence. This time it is a about as close to a sure bet as you can get. The only out may be on a technical foul on filing procedures, and for that we will just need to wait and see.

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