Thailand’s next round of political turmoil begins

Political puppets, wrong priorities, and resetting conditions for military intervention are all starting to show signs of life. The simple fact that what started the political unrest is now starting again, simply makes people think of the Hollywood movie Ground Hog Day in that the day is repeated over and over again.

Connecting the Dots has been silent for some time. One reason is our most recent posts are just as true today as the day we published them. The other reason is much less free time to do the research needed to produce a future seeing post.

Aside from that, seeing this coming was for the most part like knowing the end of a movie before you buy your ticket. When dealing with psychotic people, their goals never change. All that has changed so far is making it look like they were actually trying to do other things. In the last round the People Power Party (PPP) didn’t bother to hide the fact that their single objective was to help Thaksin.

The differences this time around as compared to last time around is a better knowledge of the laws and in how someone in the government can be taken out for helping a convicted fugitive be it Thaksin or another.

Needless to say a repeat of the last several years almost seems unavoidable and it will not be long before various groups are seen taking to the streets, legal attacks using the very sharp teeth of the New 2007 Constitution against the Government, and for the most part doing their best to stop Thaksin from bypassing the law and turning Thailand into his dictator governed country.

How things will unfold over the coming weeks is hard to say. There has been re-posturing done on both sides and some new laws and regulations have come into play such as no rallies in the street causing traffic problems. What we can say is Thailand will once again stagnate and suffer, divisions will grow wider, and sooner or later someone will conclude that the only end to the cycle being repeated over and over again is bringing a permanent end to Thaksin through extra judicial means.

One Response to Thailand’s next round of political turmoil begins

  1. Glad to see you back at it Richard. Truly I am. Although I can’t condone your call to kill a human being – of course, you don’t really consider Thaksin a human being. You and others claim political righteousness but are more than willing to defy laws.
    So who plans to kill the monster Thaksin? Who will stop him? The virtuous Thai military/amart nexus? That would be ironic since they’re the ones who created him.
    And if Thaksin is assassinated, aren’t you worried he would become a martyr. Some people love him and who’s to say another Thaksin wouldn’t come along and replace him. The underlying reasons Thaksin came to power hasn’t changed.
    Keep writing though.