Google vs Connecting the Dots Part 3

After 100% of the dozens of responses we got via email or in person supported our view of things, the focus of our question has now changed. No longer is it a question about what is wrong with the picture Google seems upset with, the question has now completely shifted to What is wrong with the person who said there is a problem with the picture.

At this point this issue has passed the furthest possible reaches of professionalism, and has now entered the realm of absurdity. To be greeted with absolutely no response from Google what so ever lacks any and all forms, gestures, and indications of professionalism. With no less than 4 attempts to solicit a response from Google, we are now more or less forced to take this to a new level to push for Google’s response.

First off we presented this to the mental health professional who assisted us with factual information in the entry No Old Ladyboys that was the documentary that the photo was attached to. As it would be his response took only seconds. He indicated that either Google is showing total disrespect for doctors and other mental health care professionals starting with psychiatrists, right on down to Social workers and school counselors, or the person who said there was a problem needs to see a mental health care professional. Either case, Google is to blame simply because they seem to be allowing this inappropriate behavior to continue.

Now we do not thrive in personal attacks here at Connecting the Dots, but we are good at pointing out what is likely to happen. In this case we see this as unsustainable behavior on Google’s part. Pardon us for speculating, but with no response from Google, we are left to formulate with what little we know, and that is a person walking down the street is some how in violation of Victorian attire.

The other consideration is Google’s censor may be of the Muslim faith, and many Muslims seem to have a problem with mainstream. So any censoring based on religious values and restrictions is absolutely wrong. That is particularly true when other religions don’t see things the same way. To put it bluntly, this could be easily be called a passive form of forced conversion to become a Muslim and adhere to Muslim values. We do hear about this in the news on a daily basis, and it is often associated with terrorism that more or less spells out convert or die.

Now Connecting the Dots is not saying Google is associated with terrorists, we are however saying their behavior is entirely unacceptable to the General public who is not of the Muslim faith if indeed Google’s censor is Muslim and making choices based on religious values.

So This leaves us with unanswered questions via Email, and perhaps the good old USPS can get their attention. That is likely to be our next move if they do not provide an answer.

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