Global economic four year stall

Some may not notice the four year economic cycle that involves a lot of anxiety and breath holding. None the less it is there and when it comes around, wallets close and all eyes are on the future horizon waiting for the ten or so words that says it is over.

Few people on this planet can cause the global economic direction to change. In fact it would be fair to say you may have a few fingers leftover when you finish counting the list of names. However the fact that these few do have such power, when it comes time for them to be re-elected, all or part of the planet goes on hold waiting for the outcome.

When the list of power brokers is compiled, the number one name that has historically been number one is the President of The United States. Based on the policies of the President, the global economic path will be affected. So it is fair to say that in the months prior to that fateful November election, people just sit on their wallets and put off all but the most necessity buying.

Perhaps the people that feel it the most are professionals who provide services for people who pay for their services out of pocket. People may put off a dentist appointment, or a physical examination if there are no physical symptoms that are encouraging their visit. Other types of doctors such as mental health care providers also take a bit of a hit.

This is nothing more than the survival instinct kicking in. Fresh news of late with various countries in The European Union taking huge hits now because of past populous policies by politicians quicky identifies the reason for the survival instinct to kick in.

So when it comes to the European Union, the leader of the most financially sound country in that group quickly becomes number two on that power broker list, and at the moment Germany holds that spot.

As for Asia, it is not so cut and dry with a single person. There is no one country leader that has such overwhelming influence. China for the most part is so diversified, a change at the top will have only minor impacts. After all if China was to falter, there would be a reaction that resembles an EKG readout of a normal heartbeat. Jobs lost in China would quickly return to the countries they left from after the initial shock of price and market adjustment.

Other Asian countries like Japan would have an effect as supply lines would be interrupted as seen with the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. So all in all it is one big global machine on the blue collar side of things. It is the white collar decisions of the few at the top that create anxiety and truly steer the psychology of the market.

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