Muslim violence a chronic reality

The unfortunate reality is it is hard to watch any global news coverage without hearing about Muslim violence going on at one, and often more than one place on the planet. Years ago the news centered about politics, accomplishments and other such things that more or less are positive. Now the opening news story often depicts smoke billowing from some place that was cause by Muslim violence.

This is just one of those entries that we did not want to write about, but because the problem only seems to be getting worse, it could no longer be ignored. We did not want this to be an opinion entry, so we enlisted the help of Google Alerts to scour the planet looking for related content.

We set up several Google alerts with all the same parameters to provide some data. The alerts we used were;

  • Buddhist violence.
  • Catholic violence.
  • Christian violence.
  • Hindu violence.
  • Jewish violence.
  • Muslim violence.
  • Protestant violence.

Now taking into consideration that this for the most part covers the vast majority of the planet. Other smaller religions that make up only a small fraction of the remaining population were left out.

The first thing we noticed was the number of Muslim violence reports was never less than 8 reports out of the 10 maximum we set. This was more or less expected.

For the most part the other alerts the number of reports was much less with them never getting above 4 reports. However ironically most of the reports from the other religions talked about being attacked by Muslims. Other than the occasional story from Ireland that did not involve Muslims, Muslim violence has infiltrated every other religion.

Stories of Muslims burning churches, temples, and other places of worship for other religions was common. So it is fair to say that every other religion has been the victim of Muslim violence. Based on that, we must assume based on averages that other religions we did not check like Jehovah Witness, Mormon, and others also have been violently attacked by Muslims at one point or the other in recent times.

So when you look at this as a whole, you begin to connect your own dots, and it is easy to conclude the Muslim religion is the bully / bad boy religion of the lot. Now we know not all Muslims are violent, but if you think of each religion as a family in a neighborhood, you begin to see that telling the misbehaving child in the family to behave is not enough. Muslim sympathy and moral support rallies happen after the fact. The same is true about protests by Muslims scolding other Muslims for acting violent.

There are few easy fixes for this. Short of the Muslim religion splitting and adopting a less violent doctrine for the peace loving Muslims, there is little that can be done. The Muslim religion is the only religion that has not evolved over the last millennium. Every other religion has evolved to some extent. At one time the other religions were just as violent with inquisitions and so on.

Cardinals in the Catholic religion were the power brokers 500 years ago and feared. Their influence faded when governments became strong and started to genuinely provide for the people.  However in places where government is weak or nonexistent like in Afghanistan, the more violent side of the Muslim religion has its place more or less. If the governments were strong, religious influence would be significantly cut. In this case it becomes cause and effect.

Looking at this it is clear the approach has to be modified to deal with Muslim violence. As the growing population of the planet erases distance between different religious groups who just can’t get along, violence is likely to erupt. Because of that, it becomes necessary to formulate a new approach to deal with chronic Muslim violence.

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