US Presidential election common sense prevailed

In the 2012 US general election that selected the next President for the next four years, the real winner was never named at any point along the way. The winner was not selected by popularity or policy, the winner was simply selected by common sense.

The choice was simple when you saw the analysis of the exit poling data. It was not about Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, it was not about the Democrat or Republican party. In fact it was not about any of the things covered by the media. The true fact that was discovered in exit poling was centered around the economy and the policies that started the downward spiral that had global consequences.

People simply connected that what Mitt Romney was offering was just repackaging of the policies that got not only the USA in an economic mess, but the whole world as well. They generally understand that economic policies in the USA have impact on the economies of other countries as well. The economic flu the Euro Zone is still suffering through was caught from the US. That international interconnection of economies that was not there 25 years ago has now made bad economic policies globally contagious.

So as common sense says the interconnection of economies today did not exist 25 years ago, the thinking that old methods that worked 25 years ago still work today is totally wrong. The cures for the economic flu today requires new medicine that simply was not dreamed up 25 years ago. Simply put the world has evolved, so therefor so must the methods of making things work. Typewriters with ink ribbons are no longer state of the art, today it is fancy color printers with expensive ink cartridges.

So as voters remembered it was the policies of the George Bush government that set the economic slide in motion, not returning to that was a no brainer, thus people voted for Obama.

The votes for Romney were based on not recognizing repackaging of old methods that don’t work today. Also growing pains with Obama policies that have yet to be completely perfected such as health care. With a primary drive by Republicans to go backwards over the last few years, the people had time to give thought as to why regression when progression is the way things should go. It was like two young children fighting over a toy each looking to cancel each other out.

So very simply the mandate the people have sent to the government is to move forward and to pay attention to making adjustments on the fly to debug the new methods. Also not to cut too much at once.

Surgeons know they can perform significant surgery in one operation. However they also know the trauma would likely kill the patient. So what surgeons do is a series of smaller operations to get around that problem allowing the patient time to recover between each surgery.

In the case of dealing with the deficit, Republican politicians need to listen to their doctors, and the people know this as well. The Democrat’s approach does understand about shock to the country that could be fatal, and that is what the public said when they voted. Simple common sense is all the people are asking for and not the wholesale extremely right views of the Tea Party movement that imply do it all at once.

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