GOP stuck in past

We don’t use typewriters that much anymore, nor do we rely completely on making phone calls with a phone that is hard wired to the phone network. We have moved on, evolved, stepped forward or however you want to put it. But unfortunately the United States Republican Party has failed to notice the world has changed from the days they came up with their no new taxes stance, and that without modifying their position for today’s world, they simply will become an endangered species.

Back in the day when they came up with the no new taxes position, the world was very different. The intertwining of economies of other countries was nothing like it is today. All the various free trade agreements that have been signed since that time have not only changed the facts of global economy, they have also changed the perfect answer of no new taxes to now be not only foolish, but irresponsible as well.

There is now much more to consider when thinking about taxes and spending cuts. The population has grown, and the need to keep up with that population growth requires money and new technologies to make things run leaner and meaner. Keeping the old school ways and technologies of the previous century alive and well are just plain foolish. The last century ended about 1.3 decades ago if they care to look.

So when we talk of the fiscal cliff, it is clear to even people with the most rudimentary understanding of economics and national debt that taxes must be raised and new technology implemented to reduce cost and maintain a satisfactory level of government and services.

However it seems the Republicans will have none of this new stuff, stuff. The old stuff has been just fine along with burning fossil fuel and other things that are in the process of being replaced.

So being stuck in the past is great if you don’t have the responsibility of making decisions for today. Reminiscing is fine and talking about the good old days if you are retired and leaving the generations after you to run the place. The foolish that don’t want to move or change are destined to be removed out of necessity for the sake of survival.

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