Pheu Thai reality check on Constitution

When you listen to the concern some Pheu Thai Party (PTP) members have about getting enough votes to change the Constitution, you can not help but read between the lines as to what they are really saying. It seems now matter how they talk about changing the Constitution, it cant help but sound self serving and not beneficial to the people of Thailand.

Perhaps one of the most stark self serving comments or perhaps better put Thaksin serving comments, was they may not get enough votes from the people to change the Constitution. Now to people that may be reading this before they finished their first cup of coffee, that statement that the people may not support the change completely ignores the fact that the Constitution is for the people of Thailand and not just for one man.

Some pro Thaksin people also use the word ‘risk’ as if there was risk. In this case there is truly zero risk provided the vote is not tainted with vote buying. If the people come out and say not to touch the Constitution, then the people have spoken as it is their Constitution to begin with. So if the vote is no, that means hands off and not to try to find another way to change it.

However if the vote is no, the plan ‘B’ is to change the Constitution anyway piece by piece ignoring the will of the people in whole or in part.

As for the position of who wrote the Constitution is truly a non issue, but the pro Thaksin people are making it an issue simply because they have no other excuse. They look to capture the momentum of be angry at your brother even that it is irrelevant. The true thing is you must look at the wording of the Constitution to see if it helps or hurts the Thai people. As the Constitution is hard on corruption and strongly encourages politicians to do for the people and not for themselves, it is hard to find any sane reason to want to change it.

So it is little wonder that the same people that made super corruption as the new norm for high ranking politicians, are the ones that most want to change the Constitution. They simply want it out of their way. So is there any wonder why changing the Constitution is such a political violence fire starter.

So when you get past all the spin and connect the dots you can quickly see why this truly is Thaksin wanting to just serve himself. His continued arrogance and persistence are continuing to rub already raw nerves. Knowing what Thaksin will do to people if he gets his way is just another reason why this is such a hot and ‘Don’t even think about going there.’ item.

The bottom line is this will be one big mess for Thailand as this continues to drag on and on moving Thailand through one Thaksin inspired political fire storm to the next.

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