2012 reflection

2012 has turned out to be another year marked with events that find themselves rooted in our long term memory. Some of those memories are good, some bad, some tragic, and some inspiring.

As Connecting the Dots is far reaching and read in nearly every country in the world, we can’t help but think of how the world is viewed from different places around the planet. If seen Through the eyes of an American the most reflective moments are likely captured in this YouTube.

If you are not an American then other events of 2012 are likely more ingraining in our memories. As each year more and more of us are experiencing first hand the effects of climate change and the new challenges it places on us, watching floods, fires, and crop failures out our windows is getting to be the grim reality and the template for years to come.

For some the though the world would come to an end on December 21 did not materialize, so the bills you put off paying are still due.

So as we look forward to 2013 and beyond, all of us inside know what needs to be done. Our moral and ethical values drive us forward with the hope enough of us can come together to keep us as a species from self destructing, and to stop the people that are self serving from taking our personal happiness away from us.

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