Party before country

It is unfortunate for Americans that the actions of major political parties place the welfare of the party before the welfare of Americans. Although it is hard to imagine and young people may have never actually experienced it, but there was a time that the people elected to go to Washington actually represented them.

Before all the inflexible commitments based on various pledges of not to do this or not to do that, there was a time that the country actually moved forward. Agreements were made based on compromise and understanding that there is always tomorrow to tweak things again to eventually get the best possible agreement. But when you remove the ability to compromise and end up turning only in one direction, you will eventually find yourself heading in the direction you came from.

Taking from history and more specific from nature, living things that fail to evolve and adapt to changes will eventually become extinct. This is a fact of life with no political influence what so ever.

So when politicians base their decisions to tend to a few and ignore all others, there is a certain flaw and or alarm that is observed. If the few influential people have placed their control on politicians, then congress is no longer an assembly for the people, it is an assembly for the influential. So if the influential do not want something, then it becomes one of those inflexible points that stops the country from moving forward.

To others who look on, the lack of logic and compromise resemble how people act when they are addicted to some substance be it Cocaine, nicotine or whatever. All decisions are based on continuing the flow of that addictive substance and all other things are ignored unless they do not hinder the flow of that addictive substance.

However that is not the case with all politicians, some actually still work to represent the people who placed them in Congress. However without a majority or agreement from the politicians who embrace the inflexible commitments, things just stall and no progress is made.

Unfortunately for Americans the inflexible commitments do not evolve. They may have made perfect sense and passed all tests of logic when they were created, but that is no longer the case. The global political structure has changed and they have simply become self-serving for the influential people. But as true with addictions, the people that are addicted fail to notice or accept the changes.

Smoking was once fashionable and the way to be seen. That has now been replaced with a look of disgust that smokers do their best to ignore. So to take the position of a smoker and ignore all sense of reason and logic is how many politicians in America are seen today. Smoking has been replaced with the I-Phone 5 and Facebook, but they simply don’t want to know.

So there was once a time not so long ago that politicians sent to Washington actually did what was right for the country and not for the benefit of their party, and that would make a nice bedtime story for your children that starts off with Once upon a time in a place called Washington DC…

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