Creative proposals

It is said that men only give flowers to women if they are in love or are in trouble. So seeing that giving flowers for love is the better of the two choices as it does not involve sleeping on the sofa, getting that special woman into a man’s life has become a form of art work. Somehow dropping down on knees asking for her hand in marriage although romantic, has been outdone by creative men looking for special ways to pop the big question.

Starting off this collection of ‘Will you marry me’, we have decided to just keep it simple and let the men show their stuff. This is not at all like a male peacock showing its plumage, but it is sure about as close as you can get. Never mind the shiny new sports car, or that expensive Rolex watch that has been replaced by the Iphone, this is all about creative expressions of love from the heart and not from the wallet. Get yourself a box of tissues and enjoy.

And perhaps the crown jewel (so far) is this one.

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