The Zimmerman verdict

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We normally do not address things of the past at Connecting the Dots, but this does have implications on the future. Because of that we felt it was worth a moment to reflect on what the jury saw.

To us at Connecting the Dots the verdict was no surprise based on the evidence presented. What we saw was someone who for whatever reason did not like being followed, then attacked the person following them. The person following was unable to defend himself with his own physical strength and resulted in the use of deadly force to stop the attack. That is about as plain and simple as it gets.

What was not known prior to the trial was all the evidence, and until the trial was underway the world only knew hearsay bits and pieces that were twisted and spun by whoever to obtain some personal gain. Often that gain was in no way related to the Zimmerman case, and that is what the post verdict reaction was responding to.

So what we see here is not much different than what we see in any part of the world. We see one or more people trying to harness the energy of the masses and use it to bring about some sort of change. The Arab Spring is one such example. However for that type of movement to be successful we estimate that at least 60% of the general population in the affected area must want the same thing. Between 50% and 59% it would just be a standoff tug of war bringing not change to the problem except more public awareness.

What we must consider is that every action no matter how subtle or bold it is, has some risks. Going to the toilet at night without turning on the light has more risk than turning on the light. So in the case of following someone to be sure they are not planning a crime, or on the other side to be sure they are not a victim of a crime has some risk.

So if we consider the vast amount of surveillance done by the US government by monitoring phone traffic, postal traffic and CCTV, George Zimmerman did the same. It simply is how law enforcement needs to work in today’s world with the growing population. Without it more crimes would go unsolved and that would simply make criminals more bold.

So as we see it we must simply accept that in a public place, people will be watching us whether it is a criminal, someone casually looking on, or some branch of law enforcement. So as far as that 60% plus goes, the line of limitation stops at the front door of their home and for sure 100% at the bedroom door. There is no reason for any government to be looking at the sex lives of consenting adults, but that does not mean the government is not trying. For that all you need do is look at the laws that are on the books already and some of them being floated for consideration in various places around the world.

So with this we must accept that George Zimmerman’s motives were not to attack any one person, but to better protect the community as a whole, and that is synonymous with law enforcement.

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