If Anthony Weiner were running for Mayor of Bangkok Thailand

Sexual behavior is viewed differently in different countries. So if Anthony Weiner were running for mayor of Bangkok and did all the sexually related things he did in the USA, the response from the public would not be so much outrage, but much more along the lines of ‘And your point is?’.

For people that have never been to Thailand, they perhaps have heard that Thailand has a certain reputation about sex. It is no secret that sex is part of Thai culture and it comes in all varieties. You can’t go very long without passing a Ladyboy or someone who has had to go from standing to sitting when using a toilet. Thailand also has a large selection of venues from beer bars, to Go-Go bars, to massage parlors that have no problem in providing a Happy Ending to your massage. In fact in Bangkok, you have to shop around a bit to find a massage parlor that does not provide a Happy Ending.

Focusing on Thai politics and sex, in and about 2004, the government in order to change its image just a bit told all politicians that they were not to have a Mianoi otherwise known as a minor wife. Yet on almost the same day a new word was introduced into the Thai vocabulary by Thai politicians, and that word was Gik. The word Gik loosely translates to a non committal sex partner, or better put a no strings attached relationship. Each was free to seek out other sex partners. Needless to say that is a huge difference from what you would hear from the US Congress.

In Thailand sexual prowess is seen in a positive light. The term most commonly used it to ‘Have Power’. That translates into the ability to satisfy your partner sexually. So it stands to reason if you can satisfy many partners, you have a bit of status and bragging rights, and all being positive in the eyes of Thais. So you can start to see Anthony Weiner would be viewed differently in Thailand and stood a good chance of getting elected.

However in the USA, seeing that political correctness is essentially for politicians, you just about need to be God to get elected to any post be it a Boy Scout leader to whatever. People look into the personal lives of politicians way too much and particularly so into their sexual activity. Only if some personal behavior be it sexual or other has a negative effect on their ability to perform the job that they were elected to should it be a concern.

So is there any wonder why some politicians are trying to dig deep into the personal and private lives of the general population. If anyone has any doubt about that, all you need do is think about the digging into privacy issues Edward Snowden brought to light. Although it is being spun as war on terrorism, it has the ability to look into the bedroom and see who is doing who. So in another light, perhaps it is a bit of payback for digging into the private lives of politicians.

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