Pro Thaksin Government fear showing

When you look at most Governments they have now come to learn to respect the power of social media. For the Governments that are for the most part honest and transparent, their fear is minimal. But for Governments that are not doing what is in the best interest of the people they serve, you may notice a wet spot in their pants that has nothing at all to do with sex when social media starts after them.

When the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) announced it would be a crime to click ‘Like’ on some media stories, the whole world took notice. The absurdity of attacking people’s opinion whether they like or dislike is enough to bring the world down on them alone. For the most part that type of behavior is on par with that of a dictator. Stories that have emerged from countries that have or had a dictator, cite the same behavior and punish people who speak their mind.

So when it becomes a crime to express your opinion about things that are not included in laws that protect the King, you can only feel a knot form in your stomach and anger start to develop against the people who would dare silence people based on an opinion about an article, story, or whatever.

This all translates back to Thaksin Shinawatra and it matches his signature behavior to silence people who don’t side with him. The root cause comes down to amnesty bills that could set him free from his criminal convictions. His arrogance is once again showing, and that is the fuel for a coup as it was in the past.

The point being if the amnesty bill was not so controversial, there would be no need to place threats on people who click ‘Like’ on things that oppose the bill. This threat to criminalize the ‘Like’ option is absurd and shows the fear the government has.

This fear that something could go viral against them is truly a big concern. There is no reason at all why a Thai Spring similar to an Arab Spring could not happen. From the sidelines the Thai Military more correctly known as the Royal Thai Military clearly is doing it’s job protecting the King. Seeing that Thaksin only cares about himself, that naturally puts him at odds with the military regardless of all the niceties put on display for the public.

At best the Thai Government’s push for the amnesty is a square peg in a round hole. It must be forced and all efforts to talk about it with sincerity are simply facades. Having this explode in their face spells game over for the pro-Thaksin Government.

So the bottom line is simply this, if the Thai Government acts in any way that treads on democracy, it is all over for them. If there is that much public opposition, and they stand in the way of the people’s right to have a protest because of the overwhelming size of the protest, it does not take much to see a repeat of the most violent days in Thailand.

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