Google vs Connecting the Dots Part 7

Shortly after Posting part 6 of this unfortunate series, Connecting the Dots launched yet another appeal to Google about our AdSense ads. However this appeal had a distinctly different tone, and not one of WTF.

After weighing the reality of the photos in question, they were not even remotely close to violating Google’s AdSense policy, and having that verified by at least 20 people (that number has now grown to over 30) we can only conclude that someone at Google is allowing their personal feelings and personal authority inside Google to violate the laws of the United States. All things considered and with the size of Google, something like that can fairly easily happen before someone of higher authority is made aware of it.

Our first gut feeling was that someone was leading such a sheltered politically correct life, they could not deal with the reality of the world in a neighborhood they likely never visited. Our comforting thought about that was they would be one of the first to perish once climate change kicked in more than it is doing now. After all if they can’t deal with the sight of a dressed Thai Ladyboy, what will happen when the fully expected human hardships and suffering start in earnest.

So our decided approach was simple. We did not plan to play games with the person or persons who were yanking our chain for their own personal pleasure, we decided to take this to a much grander scale that would call some seriously embarrassing attention to Google. By doing that Google would simply be forced to face the reality that likely someone in their midst was creating their own little Kingdom of Power to mess with people who did not meet their own personal standards, while completely disregarding Google’s fair and acceptable standard of what was appropriate content for AdSense ads to appear. In short we are probably dealing with someone at Google who has Narcissism.

So our reply to Google went like this;

We have reviewed and had 20 people check the photos in question and they all agree that they do not violate your terms as provided. However it was apparent to all there was some sort of discrimination of a sexual nature toward the lifestyle of Thailand’s ladyboys. Seeing that the post you have cited is a documentary on Ladyboys and why no older ladyboys are seen, we must conclude you are in violation of at least one US discrimination law. We have posted our position and plan of action on the post below. Please reconsider before this gets out of hand. I have no doubt at least one lawyer will want to run with this against Google seeing that such a small thing can get so big and ugly.

So for the moment that is where all of this stands. As we plan to make this a near real time series, other parts will come along as interaction continues, or if we simply decide to do a little prodding. After all, people do enjoy when the high and mighty take a fall to bring them back down to reality.

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