Thailand blanket Amnesty bill not dead

When dealing with Thaksin Shinawatra, one of the first things people learn is never to trust what he says. Often what he says is complete opposite of what he wants and means. So after the bait and switch tactic by the Phu Thai Party (PTP) that put the pro Thaksin blanket amnesty bill in the works to begin with so it could be rammed through, hearing them say they will not resurrect it falls back on the same rule of thumb not to trust what Thaksin says.

The continued anti Thaksin /anti Government rallies are well justified in staying alive and well. Those that have been burned by Thaksin’s lies know better. Thaksin only cares about Thaksin, and him not caring about the grass roots Red Shirt families who lost loved ones have turned many against him. With his track record, sooner or later he will turn everyone not on his payroll against him. With 90% of Thailand rejecting the blanket amnesty, there can’t be that many left who have not figured out what Thaksin is all about.

So when you start to plug in the known behaviors about Thaksin you can see the following start to emerge. There are two options on what could happen and that more or less will be decided during this week. The first is the PTP face a court ruling this week that could dissolve the party and the government. If that happens, there could be a shift in power. As it is expected the court could rule one of 4 ways, that outcome must be seen before knowing what Dots to select to connect.

However in general, if Thaksin’s PTP manages to stay in power, you can expect more slight of hand behavior and behavior to further make them richer through corruption. If they are removed from power, you can expect much of what happened when the Democratic party was in power, with bullying tactics from the Red Shirts that will have a negative effect on Thailand’s economy. This still all comes down to the simple fact that as long as Thaksin is alive, Thailand will not see political rest.

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