Thaksin advances reset to zero by Thai people

To say Thaksin Shinawatra is livid would be the understatement of the year in Thailand. Based on the initial news reports of the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) reaction to the Constitutional Court’s ruling about changing the makeup of the Senate, you can clearly see it is personal and not for the Thai people who placed them in office. Needless to say it is already very clear Thaksin plans to go after the Constitutional Court judges any way he can so he can have his way.

As this is still unfolding, it is clear this reset has Thaksin upset. No doubt in his mind he was planning to be back in Thailand free and clear by years end. But now that date is uncertain at the very least and still could be years away. That is a situation Thaksin may not be able to afford financially as the indicators for that as well are clear to see.

Looking at the Graft filled rice pledging scheme, the Government has already run out of money. The fact that they seek to issue bonds to continue funding it, says the rice game is near over. To decode what that means, it simply says they need to sell bonds so they can continue the failed populist policy so they will get votes in the next election. Needless to say, it does not take a degree in economics to know those bonds will be worthless when the mature date rolls around.

So when you Connect these Dots it says it is already taking far longer than Thaksin anticipated, and unless he funds it from his own pocket it is soon to die. Based on how fast the rice pledging scheme is bleeding money, it could drain Thaksin’s bank accounts in about a year.

So Thaksin’s next plan of action is significantly being driven by the clock. What plan of action will take the least amount of time is the first and perhaps only deciding factor.

So starting assorted processes to remove the Constitutional Court judges is near or at the top of the list, simply because of how long it will take. Looking to impeach them, sue them and bring criminal charges is the first thing. The nitty gritty of that process can be sorted out along the way. But the PTP is forgetting one thing.

Any one of the violations the Court ruled on is enough to make the Constitution changing process a violation of the Constitution. Point in note, not allowing the opposition party to speak in the readings of the bill is plenty enough, never mind voting for someone else. All the I’s must have a dot and all the T’s must be crossed. No half ass ram it through behavior is accepted.

Yet with all this, Thaksin is overlooking one option that really will work. It will bring a lot of things back into line and actually start to close the divide he cause. That one thing is return to Thailand and do his jail time. But clearly according to Thaksin, he is above the law that even the King must obey.

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