Thai censure debate huge fallout potential

Falling in the shadow of a failed bid for a blanket amnesty bill coupled with a constitutional change bill that was deemed by the court to be unconstitutional, smaller Government coalition parties have a lot riding on how they vote in the No Confidence vote. Taking sides with the Phu Thai Party (PTP) could lead to significant political damage in the next election cycle whenever that may be. Based that both failed bills were self centered and with Thaksin Shinawatra the primary beneficiary, coining the phrase “Choose wisely” from the Indiana Jones movie “The Last Crusade” has significant similarities.

There is little doubt the Thai People are fed up with the self serving antics of Thaksin Shinawatra. After huge anti government rallies besieged a huge part of Bangkok, and the Thai Government doing its level best to hide the true size of those rallies, it came down to the trash collectors who provided the most accurate picture based on how much trash they were hauling away. The numbers were not tens of thousands of people, but more on the order of between 150,000 to 250,000. Comparatively, the pro government Red Shirt rally was roughly only 20%  to 25% of the size.

So this does place the government smaller coalition parties on notice. Vote to support Prime Minister Yingluck and risk finding new work after the next elections, or vote against her and have some sort of political future. Seeing that the Members of Parliament fate rides a lot on how they vote in the No Confidence vote, much of the outcome is based on being self serving, or doing what is right for the Thai people.

There is little doubt the opposition has significant and damaging evidence to present. Only the ones that choose to ignore the evidence would end up voting to support Yingluck.

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