Thai Government rejects Thai Constitution

When a person gets angry they always end up losing out in the end. That is why there is such a thing as anger management counseling to teach people how to manage their anger. But in this case The Phu Thai Party (PTP) anger comes from Thaksin who is the puppet master for them.

From the word ‘GO’ in 2007 when the Constitution was ratified, Thaksin rejected the Constitution and looking at the vote map, you can see his influence in Isaan where the entire region voted it down, and later disclosed few if any knew the content of the Constitution. The final country wide vote tally was roughly 63% voted yes.

But in a point that was made by Anti Government protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban, that by rejecting the Constitutional court ruling about the Senate, they are in fact rejecting the Constitution. The Constitution governs the Constitutional Court judges just as it does all of Thailand.

But perhaps the most important thing is by rejecting the Constitution, they have forfeit their legitimacy to govern the country. They can not pick and choose what laws to follow, they must follow them all. In other words, Thailand now has a rogue government that answers only to Thaksin thus making Thailand a dictator state and not a democratic state.

Also when you add to that the fact the reason for changing the Constitution is clearly self serving and is confirmed by the behavior of the PTP, you start to see the wisdom of the authors of the Constitution. The changes between the previous Constitution and the 2007 Constitution are meant to keep a dictator from taking power just as Thaksin was attempting and is still continuing to do.

Another factor that shows it was self serving and the PTP reaction is anger is their move to impeach the Constitutional court judges. But the reality of the fact when you come right down to it, nothing has changed and everything remains as it was before the ruling. All the judges said was you can’t do that, and the PTP impeachment reaction is nothing short of a temper tantrum. Plus the fact the judges were just doing their job as outlined by the Constitution adds a sense of childishness the impeachment motion. It also show that the level of rage in Thaksin is extremely high.

So when you consider that one major factor, the parts of the Constitution Thaksin wants to change are essentially the padlocks to keep want to be dictators out. So in Thailand’s case, they become a necessary evil of the Constitution because the low educational attainment of many Thais makes them extremely gullible.

By a general rule of thumb, the like or not like Thaksin tipping point is about 1 to 2 years before they graduate from high school. If they don’t make it that far they tend to fall in favor of Thaksin. If they make it that far, then they are anti Thaksin. Hence the middle class Thais tend to reject Thaksin because they can see who and what he really is.

So what is happening now in Thailand is more like the face mask of the Thai Government is falling off. The pretend to want to do their job for the Thai people face mask is now exposing they are only for Thaksin and all they did that may have seemed good for Thailand was in fact part of a bigger plan.

Now a significant level of desperation has set in because they are starting to run out of funding. Hence trying to ram through a hugely flawed Thaksin favoring amnesty bill, and also tried to ram through changes to the Constitution showed desperation. The walls are caving in and Thaksin knows it.

It is also expected that the 3 Trillion Baht infrastructure bill will be siphoned by corrupt politicians as they want it to exist outside of the regular checks and balance channels. Needless to say that is destined for a court ruling as well, and predictions of how the court will rule are already flying about. The reason is that bill too steps outside of the Constitutional requirements and will be shot down as well because the Government is ignoring the requirements of the Constitution and that simply translates into rejecting the Constitution.

The one positive thing about all of this is it does expose the true nature of Thaksin and will tend to move people from his camp and into the camp of the anti Thaksin group. Hence this reaffirms the open of this entry that when people get angry, they lose out.

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