Thaksin puppet Government struggling to find legitimacy

As it seems a temporary standoff has been reached, The Thai Government has been in a full on damage control drive to recover from their anger driven blunder of openly rejecting a court ruling, then moving to impeach the judges. However the best they seem to be able to do is cause people to roll their eyes when some Government official starts citing comments from other Governments that loosely offer support.

In the world of universal rules of life, when someone loses there temper, they simply lose out in the end. That rule along with other rules of life such as ‘What goes around comes around.’ and ‘Never pee into the wind.’ are based in logic and experience. It does not matter who you are be it a person or a group they all apply. In the case of the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) having a hot headed leader who feels rules and laws don’t apply to him, the reality check time has arrived.

Generally speaking and frankly speaking, the PTP Government has lost it’s legitimacy to govern Thailand. All the rules and laws of the country must be obeyed and that includes court rulings. Thaksin getting ahead of himself and thinking he has already secured his dictatorship in Thailand, set out to punish those who did not comply with his absolute authority. Those people being the judges of the Constitutional court, and people that have risen up to remove is illegitimate Government.

However in efforts to seek legitimacy Thaksin’s government has solicited comments from as many democratic Governments as possible as well as a few others. However point in note, the comments appear to be taken out of context. It is well known that the USA is a very rule, law, and procedure driven country. So it would be contrary to the behavior of the USA to offer any support to a Government that does not operate by it’s own rules laws and procedures. However when you listen to the Thai Government, it reads as if the USA is supporting their behavior of rejecting the Thai Constitution. Support of an election does not mean support of a Government, but the PTP is trying to spin it that way.

Knowing the USA, any supporting comments include phrases that stipulate they support democracy, and that democracy includes following the rules, laws, and procedures. So it becomes easy to visualize someone who was caught red handed attempting to solicit support for what they did. That includes twisting things into a pretzel to make it sound supportive. But when a Government tries to push a bill that will give amnesty to criminals with some facing crimes that provide the death penalty as remedy, and another bill that would have given absolute power to the Government, it is hard to find legitimate support except from dictators.

Even the Thai Police who historically follow whoever is in power seem hard pressed at the moment to decide as to what camp they should be in. When asked to attend a meeting given by the Anti Thaksin protesters that many high ranking non Government officials would be attending, they clearly did not know what to do except call in sick. As the Anti Thaksin protesters are looking to remove corruption that radiates from Thaksin and his cronies, they are moving in accordance with their interpretation of the Constitution.

In reality it looks like the final decision will be up to the same Constitutional Court and the same judges the PTP was trying to impeach to decide if the Anti Thaksin protesters can use section 3 of the Constitution to establish a neutral appointed government. That brings us back to the universal rules of life that ‘What goes around comes around.’ and ‘Never pee into the wind.’.

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