NSA Surveillance Rape Part 2

So in Part 1 of this series we can easily conclude the NSA knows about your sex life and what condition your health is in. In Part 2 we will explain how the NSA can tell if you are messing around on your spouse or significant other.

So seeing that everyone can now be tracked by their smart phone, we need to consider that they will see who you call and how often your locations meet at the same time. That information was already released, but what type of profile on you they can create is most certainly surveillance rape.

This is easy to conclude with statistical data before they even have a peek inside your email. They can see if your other half has met this other person and what sex they are by other data streams and general information about you and them. So if this person is the same sex as your partner and your partner has never met them, together with the times of day you meet them, well it is easy to do the math. That is particularly so if those meetings have the same GPS coordinates as a hotel or other lodging facility.

But going beyond infidelity, the NSA can tell about other habits you have as well simply by the places you go and how often you do so. If you go out to night clubs or bars, they can see about how much you drink and what type of out of the house entertainment you like. If you visit strip clubs then they will know you are a real man because that desire to look does not get turned off just because you get married and no matter how much your wife objects.

If you spend all your time shopping in a discount store or some high end store, they will know what the inside of your house looks like. In fact they can create a fairly accurate profile on you inside of 3 months and a very good profile inside 1 year. All that is needed is the time, the place and the frequency of visits to do that. From there they can dig deeper if they want. All they need do is access that huge mass of data they have acquired with a data mining program, and inside of a few minutes they will have summarized more information on you than you have on yourself.

Can you imagine all of that with all of your Facebook photos and comments there as well, including the ones you only share with the closest of your close friends. That is the level of violation they have and is easy to conclude with just a little common sense.

We can also safely conclude the NSA has access to every camera that is linked in one way or the other to the internet. That includes police and private security cameras. The only cameras the NSA can not access are on a system that is not hooked to the internet, but even that may not be true when you consider the malware they have spread about. A computer can possibly be on the internet without the users knowledge if there is a wifi signal in range and the WiFi device is active in the computer.

How many more dots we can find to connect depends on our knowledge of the latest technology, and to be frank we don’t follow that and leave that up to CNET.

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