Thai Government ignoring will of people

The Thaksin lead Thai Government is doing it’s best to keep the status quo and change nothing. Every common sense proposal by the people is being countered with an absurd proposal by the Government that simply will not work. That is not to mention they do not want to change things in the direction the people want, but instead move it the opposite way.

The blanket Amnesty bill and the desire to change the makeup of the Senate are both moves that will both reward corruption and encourage it. Reading between the lines on that is a very easy task to know the Thaksin lead government has zero desire to listen to the people’s desire to stem corruption. What they want is what Thaksin wants and there is no other consideration.

Point in note, The Government wants to set up it’s own reform counsel. Now point in note, other than that being one of the most absurd proposals coming from a highly corrupt Government, there are some things you just can not fix yourself. That is why society is filled with professionals in different areas.

You may be able to tend to a minor cut or injury yourself, but when it comes to surgery you do need a Medical Doctor to tend to that. The same is true when you need to change something. If you were aware of a problem or could fix it, it would not be obvious to other people because you would have already sorted the problem out and moved on to the next task in life.

So it would seem resistance and attempts of lying, delays or otherwise fooling the people into thinking the Government can or will sort things out is the name of the game. Also trying to run down the clock with the hopes their way will prevail by default, however that will just lead to more problems down the road. If that happens the next round may not be so friendly.

The simple fact of the matter is this Government must go, they have shown they do not respect the law and only cite laws that work in their favor. For those that have forgotten, that is a classic Thaksin signature move. The changes must be developed by a politically neutral third party and be binding on the next Government whoever that may be. That seems to be the only method all agree on except by Thaksin and his Pheu Thai Party (PTP) Government. So that simply brings us back to square one, in that they must be forced from office in one way or the other.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see this is what is needed, only a little common sense. If the problem is in the kitchen, you do not go into the dining room or basement to fix it. This is just another example of Thaksin is only for Thaksin and he will resist anything that has other goals.

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