Thailand’s recycled politicians

Thailand has it’s share of political problems, of that there is little doubt. Common sense would dictate that old politicians are part of the problem and that new blood and faces need to be injected to help evolve Thailand. But is seems every time you turn around, there are the same politicians who have had a shot at seemingly every post there is to have, doing their thing and in many cases that involves being part of Thailand’s corruption.

Even after a 5 year time out ordered by the court, they still come back. Many people would have moved on and found a new line of work in 5 years. That is unless they have made such a huge stash of cash from corruption that the 5 years was more like 5 years on a holiday. But now that the 5 year break for the Thaksin ‘A’ team and ‘B’ team is over, they are back in the game hoping to pickup exactly where they left off.

So when you look at this, you begin to understand the motivation behind the Anti Thaksin movement. Within an hour of Prime Minister Yingluck announcing that she had dissolved Parliament, members of Thaksin’s ‘A’ and ‘B’ team announced they were going to run for office. There was not even a pause for people to digest that Parliament had just been dissolved, they were right their announcing their candidacy as if they were standing in line right behind the Prime Minister. Whether they had advanced knowledge that Parliament was being dissolved is at most irrelevant, but the speed of their announcement suggests what will happen next is all part of a bigger plan with Thaksin behind it.

So if old politicians are being recycled back into the system with zero indication that they have changed or learned anything from their 5 year break, it seems Thailand is doomed to go through another loop of what has been going on for the past decade, and that is self serving politicians will do for themselves and look to fool the lesser educated Thais into thinking that they are doing good for them.

For Thailand to break this cycle of what can be best be described as a form of madness, in that expecting different results with the same people, is itself the definition of madness or insanity, the old must not be recycled, and new stock must be brought in. Only then can the foundation of change can be hoped for. Also when you add in the reform measures that are being pushed for, there is yet hope for Thailand to begin to advance in the global community.

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