Thai Government’s arrogance amusing

In what is starting to look more and more like a temper tantrum of a spoiled child, Thaksin’s proxy Government marches on despite nearly all indicators saying NO you can’t! The entertainment factor of entirely predictable behavior is fun to watch, and it is even a bit like a game predicting when each step will happen.

There is no doubt at all that Thaksin is frustrated and angry. So to watch him hammer forward trying to win a snap election that has almost no chance of success due to a shortage of Parliamentary seats and that a critical mass can not be achieved to form a Government, you start to see the definition of insanity emerging. It is clear that he is thinking he will somehow win with financial incentives to someone. But then again this election is all about unseating a corrupt Government that has lost it’s mandate to govern because it rejects Thai law.

The behavior of the Government that says to the anti Government protesters you need to obey the laws for the most part now causes people to roll their eyes. For any person or a body to dictate following the law and yet ignore it themselves, the desire to spew a few choice angry words at them is a natural reaction. Add to that there is no indication that the Government has backed off from doing the things that brought out the masses to start with.

They still want to change the Constitution to allow them to be more solidly in control and resist attempts to stop their corruption. There is no indication that they have backed away from their desire to impeach the judges that ruled in a way they did not like. There is also no indication that the Amnesty bill is fully dead although it will need to start from square one again as Parliament has been dissolved.

But what else would you expect from Thaksin when he says he has no reverse gear. In other words, Thaksin still is ignoring the will of the millions of Thais who have been protesting in Bangkok since the end of October. So it goes without saying that this behavior has motivated and continues to motivate the anti Government protesters.

So as this arrogant behavior continues, you can start to connect the dots that The Thai Government will not go without being forced out of office. Even as the Government continues to attack the protesters any way they can be it physically, with hired thugs, or with various stretched laws, it is hard not to see a desire to escalate to violence. But if they do so the military will simply usher them out again with another coup. The threat of that is the only reason the loss of life thus far has been limited as Thaksin is not shy about seeing the blood of the people who oppose him in the streets. Unfortunately that is another one of his signatures.

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