Thaksin proxy Government criminalizing peaceful fight against corruption

The title of this entry says it all loud and clear. Thaksin’s proxy government has set up the conditions to make it a crime to peacefully fight corruption. This type of behavior by a Government is not the signature of democracy, but it is the signature of a dictator.

It is very hard not to feel some form of motivation when you see it becomes a crime to fight corruption. When that happens it says criminals have control of the Government. They can manipulate situations so that it becomes a crime to stand up and fight.

The peaceful protesters are being attacked on all sides. Thaksin supporting thugs are attacking and killing peaceful anti-Thaksin protesters. Even the people that were once Thaksin supporting Red Shirts that have changed sides are now fair game for the attacks. As far as Thaksin is concerned, it is now not a matter of choice to reject Thaksin, it now becomes punishment for not supporting him.

These are the same sparks and the same fuel that started the civil war in Syria, however there is one remaining buffer that may keep civil war in Thailand from happening, and that is the courts. Most of Thaksin supporters have a future date with at lease one judge. For the most part that will be like pealing the skin off a reptile. A new skin will appear and the creature will live on. The protesters want stronger laws focused on dealing with corruption that will not just remove the skin. Needless to say Thaksin wants non of that, and that is why wanting reform has become a crime in Thailand.

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