Thaksin’s message – Comply or die

It does not take a cryptologist to read Thaksin’s message to people that oppose him, it has been consistent ever since he first came into power. That message is ‘Stand in my way and you will be sorry.’. That includes being killed if you make a big enough problem for him.

We at Connecting the Dots are not the only ones who see this message from Thaksin, in fact nearly everyone who has been in Thailand for more than 3 or 4 years knows this. Thaksin is not shy about using violence. He has been openly violent against people from nearly the word go. First he will try legal means to subdue his opponents with a whole slew of lawsuits. If that fails to work, thuggery is the next step. If thuggery does not work, there is only one step above that, and that involves funeral arrangements of some sort.

This pattern of violence is being seen and used against the peaceful Anti-Thaksin protesters. They are going out of their way to be peaceful and stay within the law, yet they are under attack from everything from gunfire to rocket propelled grenades. Seeing that you can’t go to your local Army surplus store and get rocket propelled grenades, it means someone with connections is required.

The tactical retreat by the Anti-Thaksin protesters from the most vulnerable protest rally sites simply speaks of this. They know that Thaksin will ramp up his attacks, and moving to a better protected location is the only option they have to defend themselves without weapons.

When you also consider the Red Shirt threats of violence if the pro-Thaksin Government is in anyway removed from office be it by the court or whatever, they will seek to start a civil war if they can. None of this is surprising when you look at what Thaksin did in the past and in particular in 2009 when he tried to launch his own private coup. It was that fiasco that identified the Red Shirts as Thaksin’s private army and using violence since then has been their staple.

it is also no coincidence that Thaksin has selected two caretaker Ministers that are not shy about using muscle to rout out the Anti-Thaksin protesters. Both tend to be hotheaded and have been showing desire to use a heavy hand and have been boasting about their plans.

As it is, Thaksin is being backed into a corner as things are not going his way. In fact he has steadily been losing ground ever since he tried to push through the blanket amnesty bill that would have let him off the hook for his greed and violence thus far. He is losing support from Issan because they have not been paid for the rice they pledged. The banks will not endorse any loans for that rice pledging scheme for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it is likely to turn out to be a bad loan. Also the February 2 elections look to be nullified as they did not meet the requirements of the Constitution, and his party faces massive corruption charges on a wholesale level involving nearly every member of Parliament in the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) that was seated before it was dissolved in December.

But that will not discourage Thaksin, his approach will most likely be more violence but in doing so he risks a military coup as the Thai people will be the victims of his violence. The only unknown will be how much violence will the military tolerate before they step in.

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