Thai Government punishing businessmen for fighting corruption

Fight corruption in Thailand and get deported is the message from the Thaksin proxy Government. That is the message that comes from the same Government who wanted blanket Amnesty for all the politicians who were convicted of corruption or still facing the court.

In perhaps the most blundering move seen in a long time in Thailand, the Thai Government looks to punish anyone in Thailand on a visa with deporting them should they stand up and fight corruption. You may want to go back and read that sentence again, but the fact is, it is true. It does not matter if you are just a tourist or a businessman. The fundamental right of not being a victim is seriously in doubt.

There is no doubt at this point Thaksin’s proxy Government favors criminals over honest hard working people. It is very typical behavior of criminals to intimidate people who are just trying to do the right thing. It does also cause businesses from other countries to think good and hard about setting up shop in Thailand. That also matches that the corruption index has gone up and Thailand is now listed at 102 for 2013 at and was listed at 80 for 2011.

After all, why would anyone willingly enter into a situation where criminals would have their hands in company profits. The theoretical calculations about lower wages and the skill level of the work force all come into play in the decision making process to see if that would offset the loss due to corruption.

So without naming specific people and their level of influence in the business community, Thailand has gone after a high profile businessman from India who wields enough influence to do significant harm to Thailand should he give a thumbs down vote about business in Thailand.

Needless to say attacking him was partially driven by anger coming down from Thaksin. After all to stand up against corruption is to stand up against Thaksin. That businessman wanted to get the hands of corrupt politicians out of the pockets of honest and hard working companies. Simply the desire not to be a victim was displayed.

But as this is early on, the fallout of attacking that businessman is yet to be seen, and no doubt moves will be carefully thought out. Reading the writing on the wall Thaksin’s influence in Thailand may actually be on it’s death bed, but the doctors are still reviewing the case. So to encourage companies to abandon Thailand is a major move but entirely within the power of this businessman.

The consideration of who will be running the country next must be considered. But at the very least, decisions about Thailand by companies are on hold unless there are some time constraints. If there are time constraints, chances are other countries will be the destination and not Thailand.

Once again this comes down to anger management. People who get angry and allow their anger to dictate actions lose out in the end, and there is no doubt Thaksin is very angry.

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