Identifying the Anti-Thaksin protest attacker Part 4

So as we have seen thus far, anyone who is openly Anti-Thaksin is attacked. It does not matter if it is just one person or a mob of millions, the attacks come be they legal or physical.

So as we look back at the history outlined in this series we see nine major events outlined. However there were hundreds if not thousands of minor events that were not mentioned as most never made the news. There were assassination attempts on Sondhi Limthongkul where he was shot but did not die. There were attacks on the homes and businesses of known Anti-Thaksin activists. There were symbolic attacks of pouring blood on the gates and door step of then Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s home, as well as discovered assassination plots against him where a sniper nest was found in a high-rise building that had a clear shot at Abhisit’s home. There were open threats against the court when they ruled against Thaksin or his interest. There was even open rejection by the Pheu Thai party (PTP) lead Government of a court ruling and intent to impeach the judges.

Needless to say that instantly cost them their legitimacy to govern as they had just openly rejected the Constitution. Between that, the blanket Amnesty bill and corruption so bad it left Thai rice farmers without money for their crops, it brought out the masses of the Peoples Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC). Some rice farmers even came to Bangkok. Some rallied independently and others joined the ranks of the PDRC.

The independent rallies of the rice farmers have yet to be attacked in Bangkok, but some were already ridiculed and attacked up country by some of the more radical Red Shirts. But when it comes to empty stomachs and being flat broke at no fault of their own, they pushed back at the aggressive Red Shirts and common sense seems to have prevailed to some extent. For the most part the farmers just want their money so they can go on with their lives. Also as they have a fairly low level of education and are still somewhat trusting in sincerity of the Government, they can easily be tricked into waiting for their money again and again.

As yet they are not seen as Anti Thaksin, but that is changing one farmer at a time at a very fast rate as each reaches the limit of how many lies from the Government they will trustingly believe. So until they actually become Anti-Thaksin they should not get attacked as they are the primary source of Pro-Thaksin votes come election day.

So far to this point the players have been;

  • Thaksin Shinawatra
  • Sondhi Limthongkul
  • The yellow Shirts
  • Thai Rak Thai Party (TRT)
  • People Power Party (PPP)
  • The Red Shirts
  • Abhisit Vejjajiva
  • The Democratic Party
  • Suthep Thaugsuban
  • Royal Thai military
  • Bridging Thai Government
  • Pheu Thai Party (PTP)
  • Peoples Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC)
  • Independent student groups
  • Thai Farmers

So when you set a score to each group with 9 being full score, you see that only Thaksin scores 9 instances of involvement. All the others on the list score less with only the Democratic party scoring high, but they have mostly always been on the receiving end of violence. Depending on how you personally score the Democrats your range can be from 3 to 6, but that is still far short of Thaksin’s full 9. The Yellow Shirts were also violent but it was mostly seen as defensive violence from attacks as the violence came to them and they did not go seeking it.

So in conclusions and considering statistics and known behavior patterns, it becomes fairly easy to conclude that Thaksin is the source of the attacks on people that oppose him. All others at one point or another have been eliminated as they were simply not involved in 100% of the violence either receiving or administering.

All that is lacking is the solid connection to Thaksin, but for the most part when you connect all the dots, repeated behavior and involvement in all instances may be enough to convict him on circumstantial evidence.

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