Pheu Thai Party crying foul

It seems the Thaksin Proxy Pheu Thai Party (PTP) is crying foul that they are facing anti graft agencies and the Thai Court. Usually when a pro Thaksin Government gets to this stage, it means their end is not far away as pity me is being implied.

If you can imagine a Foreign Minister of any country talking to other countries that they feel they are being investigated by anti graft agencies and are facing rulings from the court that could unseat them, it sounds absurd as well as ill connected with the process of justice. It is a bit like someone assaulting someone and wondering why the police have come to arrest them. It is also a hint that they are use to fixing the justice system in their favor.

So imagine if you would that they plan to seek the impeachment of an anti-graft investigator for investigating them. That is on par with wanting to impeach judges that have ruled against them. In short to punish anyone who looks to force them to walk the straight and narrow path. If you can sense arrogance in this behavior, you would be right.

It is amusing that they would think western countries who are for the most part corruption free would see it their way. There are two distinct thinking patterns here. The first is politicians who are trying to have the people’s best interest in mind being western countries, and politicians who have their own interest in mind.

Unfortunately this also speaks of the mind set of many Thais in that corruption is normal. When a young student says he wants to become a policeman because of the amount of money he can make, he is really talking about the fruits of corruption as the normal wage of a policeman is actually fairly low. So politicians having the same mind set enter into politics so they can make money and not serve the people. So complaining that the courts and anti graft investigators are after them is in direct conflict with how they think.

That does leave the understanding that not being corrupt must also be entered into the schools regular curriculum as a major part of education and not a minor 1 day thing. That addresses the cause more than the effect. That also speaks for the need of real reform that is the primary goal of the Anti-Thaksin protests.

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