Governments attacking social media implies something to hide

Social media has become a powerful realtime tool to put a spotlight on politicians who seem to be stepping out of line. If there is nothing to hide then the day goes on without issues. If there is something to hide, the politician(s) in question will quickly look to unplug social media to attempt to hide what they do not want others to see.

Social media is no doubt the most powerful tool technology has given to the general public in the history of modern man. From organizing flash mobs to alerting people about a potential problem, social media has proven its worth. They have been major communication tools in Iraq when the people revolted against a very questionable election outcome, and just about everything else the public could use.

Before Twitter and Facebook, people needed to rely on the media to disclose the news. But with governments looking to limit the media for exactly the same reason they would attack social media, it leaves little doubt that far less than transparent Government behaviors are being hidden from public view. There very simply is no other plausible answer. Even trying to use religion as an excuse simply does not fly because other countries citizens of the same religion do not have religious restrictions on social media.

On the other side of the coin, social media can be used against a government, but for the Government in question to say it is some sort of terrorist or extremist group is behind the attack tends to fall short. For the most part terrorist or extremist groups are first defined in the main stream media. At that point it starts to become messy as the Government tries to punish the people that have said something or have provided some evidence that shines a bad light on them.

From time to time a Government’s attempt to block social media backfires and makes what they are trying to hide from public view more credible. Such is the case in Turkey. Guilty or not, the person who gave the blocking order looks worse for trying as it is the classic behavior of a guilty person that people do recognize. In a short footnote; Cockroaches do the same hiding dash when the lights go on.

So as a tool to keep governments in line, social media has become a thing to fear. Controlling the main stream media is easy as there is only a handful to deal with. But social media has millions, so only wholesale blocking of the entire network works. So even people that were pro-Government can suddenly turn anti-Government if the Government pulls the plug on social media. In other words, it is a quick way to make new enemies.

The bottom line to all governments is hands off social media. So if you have been doing something you want to hide, social media is a very powerful tool for exposing corruption, and it will eventually return the power to the people by giving them more things to weigh when considering action.

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