Pheu Thai Party starts blame game

When someone gives you advise and you don’t take it, and an ‘I told you so’ situation is created, blaming the person who gave you the advise is totally absurd. But apparently the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) does not see it that way, and they look to place the full blame for failure on the very people that advised against proceeding.

A number of descriptors can be used for this type of behavior. Stubborn, arrogant, self centered, disrespectful, inability to accept self fault are the first few that come to mind. They are personality traits people naturally steer away from as people naturally look to avoid as many negative people as they can.

So the first example is the failed rice pledging scheme that looks to take out a number of Ministers for corruption including the Prime Minister. They were advised by not only Thai business experts, but internationally respected foreign experts as well. The PTP chose to continue and now it is time to pay the price for ignoring the experts.

The next example was the State of Emergency that had no reason to be invoked. So when things started to go wrong, the PTP looked to blame everyone else but themselves. The tourist economy took a big hit as well as sending potential investors to seek other options.

Then there was the near unanimous advise to delay the election. But the PTP would have none of that. So now the news is they want to have the Election Commission (EC) foot the bill for the failed elections. That completely skips over the fact that the Prime Minister had the final say in the matter.

But when you look deeper, each and every one of the events listed above had ulterior motives. They were all about staying in power and force feeding their will on the people. They were all self serving and all about supporting Thaksin. The rice pledging scheme was all about buying votes without saying they were buying votes because Thaksin never does anything that he does not benefit from.

The State of Emergency was all about putting down peaceful protests that were gaining momentum simply because they supported the people over Thaksin.

Pushing the elections and citing the Constitution as not allowing flexibility even after the courts allowed common sense to prevail, was all about getting votes before the failed rice pledging scheme cause too much vote bleeding. Needless to say the same court that said it was OK to find middle ground, nullified the election because the foreseen problems came to be, and the elections did not complete leaving too few people to form a new Government. Now someone is likely to get stuck with a 3+ Billion Baht election cost bill to pay for the failed elections.

Because of that election cost bill there is now financial incentive to place the blame on the EC, as well as a form of punishment for not blindly obeying the PTP. But even as the EC was seen doing its best to find compromise and middle ground, the PTP pushed forward. So needless to say common sense says the PTP should get stuck with the bill for ignoring all efforts to find a working path that would insure the elections completed properly.

So if you see Thaksin’s self serving arrogance and listen to nobody behavior in the behavior of the PTP, then you should be able to see why things fell apart. The PTP is over estimating their strength and influence.

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