6 years of connected dots

Here we are six years old and still kicking. With over 1400 posts, we have said much and the people that Read Connecting the Dots have become part of our inspiration.

Our niche of being right a whole lot more than being wrong seems to be our strength. Without that we would be just another voice in the crowd. Our accuracy average of 78% is nothing to scoff at. People do want to know what is likely to happen and use us as a compass to see if storms or calm weather is on the path ahead.

Our readership peeked at 125400 last year and then our hosting service had a complaint about bad spiders and bots eating up too much CPU time and blocked them. As a result some of the so called bad spiders were actuly bringing in a lot of traffic and our readership dropped. The people who have selected to follow us with a RSS feed did not even notice, it was only the people that used search engines that disappeared. So all the more reason to follow us if you like to know what is likely to happen.

So now we have fixed that by putting a throttle on the spiders and bots and not blocking them. As a result our readership is growing again.

The other issue is finding time to write. Workload changes over time and sometimes it is difficult to find time to do the research to write an entry. Because of that it becomes difficult to say how often we can post an entry. We only know we will do out best.

So thank you our readers for your six years of support. We can only say your continued reading of what we have to say leaves us with a good feeling that we are making a positive difference in people’s lives.

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