Law breaking Red Shirts supporting law breaking Government

When you read in the news about the pro-Thaksin Red Shirts citing justice as a ‘Judicial Coup’, it does cause you to think about the level of mentality the Red Shirts actually have. No politician is above the law and if the law is broken they must pay the price, but the Red Shirts would have you believe otherwise.

Just about everyone in Thailand expects Prime Minister Yingluck and her Cabinet to be removed by the Court. It is very obvious to everyone that they broke the law by removing a fully qualified and competent person from his job so they could install a crony in his place. This was decided by two courts one being the initial court and the second an appeals court. That court was all about seeking justice for the removed person.

But now comes the other shoe, and the Government must now face the court and it’s punishment for cronyism at the expense of a well respected Thai official. The Red Shirts have labeled this a ‘Judicial Coup’ as the Government is expected to be removed from office and face a minimum of a 5 year ban from politics.

This is a typical process for any country that has a democracy and rule of law. In the United States, politicians are regularly removed from office and sent to jail for various misuses of power. The same is true in other countries and the level of punishment differs from country to country.

But in Thailand, the Red Shirts seem ready to go to war for such an execution of justice. With the past behavior of the Red Shirts and their regular involvement in criminal activity that ranges from beatings to shootings, to burning down parts of Bangkok, you start to see just how far off center the Red Shirts are. They aggressively attack anyone who does not see things there way.

So when the Red Shirts repeatedly move their rally date to match the date of anti-Government protesters, you can see an underlying desire to engage in intimidation at a minimum, to violence at a maximum. Notably the same type of threats are coming from the Government in an attempt to intimidate the court in the hopes of getting them to change their minds and just write it off as poor judgment and a warning not to do it again.

So what we have is a group that regularly engages in criminal activity supporting a Government who regularly scorns the court and has lost their mandate to govern Thailand. The nearest comparison to this would be how organized crime operates.

The good side about this is many Thais are significantly motivated to get rid of the criminals, as intimidation by the criminals actually is having the opposite effect. The good and honest working Thais want to see their country moved forward and remove the corruption that is holding it back. Because of that, the remainder of 2014 looks to be interesting at the very least, and most likely the bad guys will get a very good spanking if they push their luck.

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