More Red Shirts confused logic

Once again the confused wisdom of the Red Shirts is worth making mention of. Not so much because of its total absurdity, but more about that it seems to be they have hit their intellectual limit.

Once again it will become difficult not to sound sarcastic or satirical when discussing the behavior of the Red Shirts, and that itself is enough of a reason to write about it. Things that seem odd or unusual tend to get traction in the media be it a child born with two faces, or the Red Shirts blaming and attacking someone for having common sense.

When the February 2 elections were set in motion, the Election Commission (EC) strongly suggested to the Government that the election be postponed because of a significant chance of failure due to Anti-Government protests. However both the Government and the Red Shirts insisted the elections should go forward. As the hands of the EC were tied, the election went forward and promptly failed.

With that said, and 3.8 Billion Baht wasted, coupled with the fact that the situation has not changed and a new election would face the same peril as the February 2 elections, the Red Shirts have made a threat to the EC that if the elections were to fail again, they would hold the EC accountable. This totally ignores the fact that the EC wants to delay the elections for exactly the same reasons as the February elections.

In this case the Red Shirts show less wisdom than some instinctual behaviors of insects who simply know better than to cross a busy sidewalk. This low level arrogant thinking of the Red Shirts is not scoring them any points in the ‘Respect’ column.

Next up is the Red Shirts attack on the Constitutional Court for doing their job. When the court removed Prime Minister Yingluck and a significant portion of her cabinet for violating the law, not only observers had a good idea of how the court would rule, but so did the Government. It was clear well in advance the law had been broken and consequences needed to be paid. This continued Red Shirt behavior of ignoring the law and making threats to those who would uphold it, will sooner or later backfire on the Red Shirts as the judges seem unmoved by threats and the Red Shirts have court dates pending.

The same behavior is also being seen directed at the Newly elected Senate and the National Anti Corruption Commission (NACC). Both of those entities have the ability to influence the political outcome of Thailand. This further lowers the level of respect the Red Shirts are given, and they are already seen as thugs and bullies by many.

It is clear the actions and direction the Red Shirts are going benefits only Thaksin Shinawatra. The Red Shirts will eventually find a jail cell if they don’t flee the country, and that matches the repeated pattern of people that follow Thaksin. They will suffer and Thaksin will just find another to do his bidding.

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