Keeping Government out of bedrooms

When a person wants to share intimacy with another person it is done so privately behind closed doors. Neighbors and decent people know better than to pry into the sexual lives of others. However in the case of many Governments, they wish to regulate the sexual behavior of people by one means or another, and that is a taboo that some Governments openly choose to ignore.

We are not talking about prostitution, nor are we talking about sex with someone who has not reached the age of consent. We are talking about Government intrusion with the sexual activities of heterosexual couples who are single or married, gay or bisexual, disabled or otherwise handicapped.

Many of these sexual intrusions are rooted in religious beliefs, and that is just outright wrong. They can be found at all levels of government both inside and outside of the United States. Case in point, in Sandy Springs Georgia, apparently you need a doctors prescription to buy a sexual toy such as a vibrator or dildo. So if person suffers from some condition that dulls sexual sensitivity like multiple sclerosis, it seems this very personal and private information must be made public. There is no just walking into a store that sells sexually related products and discreetly buying what is desired.

In other examples, there is control that is purely religious based. Perhaps the most actively intrusive is the Muslim religion. In many places the Sharia laws are enforced and people put to death for violating them. Those laws and restrictions are not only from another century, they are from another millennium, and not the one that just passed. The Sharia laws came from a time that Governments for the most part did not exist and religions were seen as the governing power. In short they have no place in today’s world except perhaps in the most backwards of places that seem to be stuck at 800AD where Governments simply have little or no power like rural Afghanistan.

But even in such backwards places, it is still an intrusion on a person’s sexuality. The purpose of life is to make more life. It is the only common thing that all living things do. From the simplest of bacteria to the most complex life form, they all make more of themselves. For anyone or anything to interfere with sex and reproduction goes against the laws of nature as well.

Some sexually restrictive laws are accepted like the age of consent laws. At last check, they age of consent ranges from 12 to 21 depending on what country or even what state. They are accepted for the understanding that the body tends to run ahead of the maturity of a person. According to nature, the age of consent is the age procreation can occur. In most cases that is around the age of 12 with a trend to being younger. The reason for this is if you take away all modern medicine including the very basic aspirin, the human life span seems to top out around 50. So if we wait too long to procreate, we soon would become extinct.

Expanding on the age of consent laws, they may outlaw anything other than heterosexual sex of a married couple. Forget about being gay or bisexual sex, that will get you tossed in jail or worse in some parts of the world. How a Government would find out about this type of behavior says they must be watching. Having the police burst into a bedroom and arrest consenting adults for doing what nature wants just is wrong on all levels.

So taking for granted that acceptance of diverse sexuality is the norm, is a dangerous assumption at best. Not knowing a politician’s position on this topic amounts to not reading the fine print at the bottom of a contract or agreement. Having a politician’s sexual hangups intrude into the bedrooms of others can be avoided, as long as people are not afraid to ask the question before casting a vote on election day.

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