Pattaya Thailand perils of love Part 2

For the men that have opted to have the girl leave Pattaya and go back home is full of an entirely different set of perils. Knowing how to deal with them often requires the expert advise of a western counselor who understands how things work in Thailand. For the men that decide not to seek this professional advise first, often costs them more money than the few hours they would spend seeing the counselor.

One of the problems in sending the girl home to her village or where she is from is influence from her family. The desire to help her family was the reason she went to Pattaya to begin with. So once the family finds out the girl has hooked into some potential cash, the game changes and sudden disasters that require cash to fix start to happen regularly. In most cases they are the classic Sick Buffalo story or others along those lines. Learning how to deal with this comes from talking to the counselors. Using the counselor’s methods also provides tests to see if the pending long term relationship is all about love or money. So the counselor becomes that second layer of tests to avoid seeing a counselor for dealing with a broken heart and an empty bank account down the road.

But having the girl’s family fixated on money is not always the case. Different regions of Thailand have different mentalities and their approach to relationships with foreigners differs greatly. Unless you are fluent with how Thais think, you could find yourself in emotional and financial hardships before you know what is going on.

But then the perils get even worse if you choose to ignore or are blind to the warning signs. Assuming you get the girl home and are married to her and did not heed the warnings, the girl will over time be it months or years will figure out how your money flows. It could be a joint bank account, or other ways. Blinding you with sex or whatever, she will get access to your money. There have been many cases when the man comes home from work and finds an empty house along with an empty bank account and credit cards maxed out.

In some of the more nasty cases, when the girl gets back to Thailand, she works at putting you on Thailand’s Black List so that you can not enter Thailand. This is easy in all she needs to say to the Thai Government is she ran for her life from you and that you will likely come and hunt her down. It could take months if not years for that status to be lifted with hard work from your Government through diplomatic channels. By that time it will not be worth the effort to pursue her.

Burnt Heart

So in summary there are two general rules here. The first rule is if you are looking for love, avoid the places that mimic or behave like Pattaya. Second is get some professional advise if you do plan to fish in the commercial girl pool. There are plenty of safer ways to meet a Thai girl who is looking for love and the same counselors can guide you down that path as well if you are not familiar with the way things work in Thailand.

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