Majority of Thais disapprove of Thaksin

After watching the behavior of the pro-Thaksin Pheu Thai Party (PTP) since they were elected into power, it has become increasingly obvious that serving Thaksin means dis-serving the Thai people. Although no specific pole was conducted addressing this question, other polls are collectively implying that Thaksin’s self serving behavior has cut too deep into the lives of the people of Thailand.

Taking a look at the Junta’s first month in power and seeing a 8.82 approval out of a possible 10.00, and then comparing that to the best the PTP had when in power that was much lower, there are already hints that people had enough of Thaksin before he made a full glutton of himself with the blanket Amnesty bill that would have freed him of his crimes and refunded his court removed ill gotten billions of Baht.

Even before the debacle of the rice pledging scheme that left many of Thaksin’s supporters in financial despair with several taking their own life, the number of Thaksin supporters was in decline. Thaksin was not just a person to many Thais, his self serving behavior was having an increasingly negative effects on many Thai people. The level of corruption was skyrocketing, and nearly everyone found themselves digging deeper in their wallet to make ends meet. Much of this was a direct result of the Government’s obsession with helping Thaksin and neglecting the people that put them in office.

The list ranges from the price of cooking gas, to basics like Palm oil and other staples of Thai life. Corruption and mismanagement was just pushing the prices up. Unqualified Ministers who did not have the skill sets needed were given the Minister post simply as a reward. All of this had a negative trickle down effect on the quality of life and overall happiness of the Thai people.

So when the Thai people started to connect the dots as to why things were worse now than before, they always arrived at Thaksin being the root cause. The Thai in their own way were coming to the conclusion that the Thaksin of today is not the same Thaksin that was elected Prime Minister well over a decade ago. In fact it has been a decade since things started turning south with Thaksin related corruption.

So when you start to look at who still supports Thaksin, you can fairly easily conclude it is the people who are on Thaksin’s payroll in one way or another. When an up country Red Shirt leader openly complained he could not make the payroll to Red Shirts because of the Junta shutting down various Red Shirt activities, that perhaps became the biggest ‘Oops I should not have said that’ so far this year. As the Red Shirts only appear to exist for the reason of Supporting Thaksin, it is obvious that Thaksin has to buy friends. What remains is found in the title of this entry.

So if we were to give you a fuzzy logic and quasi educated guess, we would place about 75% of the Thai people against Thaksin, about 10% undecided and on the fence, and 15% in the pro Thaksin payroll group. Needless to say, those numbers came to be by Thaksin’s own self serving behavior as good people don’t need to buy friends.

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