The good side of Thaksin Shinawatra

For the most part, people that are Anti-Thaksin would have a hard time with the title of this entry, and an even harder time trying to read it without rolling their eyes or spouting out colorful words. But the fact of the matter is there is a good side to everything as even the most vile creatures of nature have a reason and a place. This entry looks to set out and explore how Thaksin fits into that mix.

If you were the owner of a manufacturing company you may find it difficult and somewhat undesirable to hire someone who is inherently lazy. You would tend to think that person would make you lose money and that most certainly would be true if you did not take advantage of their laziness. But when you take advantage of their laziness, you will discover their true talent of saving you money.

Put a lazy person into a problem area of production and let them do their thing of being lazy. They will quickly start working out how to streamline the manufacturing process by eliminating unnecessary steps and figuring out short cuts that are less labor intensive without sacrificing the quality of the product being produced. After all they do not want to do more than what is absolutely necessary. Then once they have streamline one problem, you simply move them to the next and repeat the process. In the end you save money on every item you manufacture making your company as efficient as it can possibly be.

Enter Thaksin Shinawatra who has unique talents that include finding ways to milk Thailand for all the money he possibly can, as well as motivating people to be angry at him. Those talents let people see where the weaknesses are in anti-corruption measures as well as motivate them to fix the problem and not just talk about it. To put it in other words Thaksin is a motivational troubleshooter.

For example, Thailand’s 2007 Constitution was drafted with Thaksin and people like him in mind. Looking at how Thaksin properly gutted Thailand with the Constitution before that, it was the motivation to stage a Coup and draft the 2007 Constitution.

But Thaksin has now shown that there are other flaws he can exploit and some 500 Billion Baht of losses later with his rice pledging scheme, he has once again shown his worth. Thaksin has shown that a major overhaul and restructuring is needed, and Thailand has seemingly undertaken a 15+ month project to do just that.

So looking at the seemingly eventual outcome of Thaksin’s efforts, it looks like bad news for corrupt people from the ground up. At the grass roots level, motorcycle taxies are now posting fares at their stands. Before that an overweight person would be forced to pay more as if the fare was like shipping a package based on weight. Now they can simply point to the sign and no negotiation needed. Other changes are taking place as well, and all of this even before the new legislation has been drafted.

So very simply there are good things about Thaksin and his ability to motivate people to actively fight corruption on all levels. It simply looks to be a plus, plus for Thailand in the long run. Thanks Thaksin!

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