Thaksin spin doctors at work

It does not take much to spot the work of Thaksin’s spin doctors. The easiest way to spot them is what they say goes opposite of what the public opinion polls are showing. With about 80% of all Thais in support of the efforts of the interim Government, seeing someone bad mouth them is like finding a lemon in a box of chocolates.

Opinions from outside of Thailand are just that, opinions. With over 7 Billion people on the planet each with their own opinion, you can see they are common and all carry the same weight. It is only professional opinions that should be considered to have weight and value. For example a Dentist will provide you a professional opinion on the state of your teeth, but he can only provide a personal opinion on politics.

With that said, there could be a significant debate if any professional opinion on politics is even possible. As politics is all about moving ideas forward by getting the majority to support an idea, it is completely driven by personal opinions and viewpoints. After an idea is adopted and implemented, history has shown some ideas fly and others flop with an entire gradient in between. Based on that, logic dictates that non-professional opinions played a significant roll in moving ideas forward.

In Governments where corruption is very high, it is all about suggesting ideas that look good on the outside, but on the inside they are just methods to siphon more money into the pockets of corrupt politicians. Then when they fail they just resell the same idea with some shoddy fixes and the cycle repeats.

In the case of Thailand, corruption has gotten out of control, and at the center of all of this corruption is Thaksin. So looking at the two primary groups being one pro and the other anti Thaksin, polls show that both sides can agree that corruption is a problem and they are willing to endure the bad taste of a junta installed interim Government.

So the next dot in this chain of logic, is only the corrupt would want to stop the efforts of the interim Government, and once again that goes opposite of what the vast majority of Thais want. So to see articles badmouthing the interim Government, then give some thought who has enough money to influence that badmouthing to happen, it becomes a very short list of one.

So Thaksin’s latest plan is becoming obvious, and as per his style this is nothing new and a bit of a signature move for him. His clear goal is to sour the Thais to the efforts of the Government and thus sabotage their efforts. But the junta expected this and that is one of the main reasons martial law remains in place. As their primary effort is to rout out Thaksin’s influence and thus the roots of corruption, they are doing their best to keep Thaksin silent. But as no media seal is completely air tight, Thaksin will continue to find leaks and exploit them to see his efforts realized.

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