Anti Gay marriage absurd arguments

In obvious desperation, some of the arguments in the United States why gay people should not marry are truly eye rolling. Most are driven by religious belief, fictional statistics, and the rejection of proven science. The only common element between those who oppose gay marriage is their very narrow view of what is right and wrong and their rejection of understanding through science based education.

According to news reports of statistical studies, the majority of Americans now accept gay people and also accept that they did not choose to be gay. They see that sexual attraction is a function of genetics, and sometimes nature gets the hard wiring wrong. However this itself is a part of nature, just as much as a rare type of animal such as an albino of a species that normally is not albino. In cases like that, other animals don’t see the albino as different, and is accepted into the fold.

The eye rolling news articles that prompted us to write this entry are;

The anti gay marriage positions taken are in desperation of the US Supreme Court being ready to take up the issue and set the standard once and for all. But as we at Connecting the Dots don’t talk about things that are obvious, we look to talk about what is hidden in plain sight.

What we are seeing is our own evolution as humans. We are setting aside what we have been taught, and we are now starting to embrace the reality of the world around us. But this is not only in sexuality and what makes us this way, this is also about racism and other hot topics that are frequently in the news. When you stand back and look at the majority of conflicts in the world today, it is difficult to find one that is not rooted in ignorance and old school thinking.

The countries that are still anti gay, and even look to slaughter gay people are clearly seen as backwards thinking. It is that same backwards thinking that fuels racism and genocide. So when you consider that dumb animals as well as the ones we see as intelligent like some primates, dolphins, and even elephants don’t reject the albinos of their species, in many ways those animals are more advanced than us humans.

The root of many of these negative and backwards beliefs is fear and ignorance. So as a species and in particular Americans, we are turning the corner and embracing science proven facts and understandings. The United States is seen as a bellwether country with half the countries seen as more negative and half seen as more positive towards ignorant beliefs. The reason the United States is the bellwether is because of the Great American Melting pot. It is a country of immigrants who’s belief’s span the globe.

So gay people getting married is not the true story, the true story is our evolution of understanding and acceptance. As this change in reality is not as sudden as a Supreme court ruling, it is on a gradient that will take between 2 to 5 generations before we fully move past this stage of our ignorance as it is diluted out of our thinking.

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