Donald Trump slayer of political correctness Part 1

When your in business straight forward answers be they raw or not are what is needed to make a company successful. But when you throw that straight forward  mentality into a political arena, sparks, lightning and the roar of thunder are likely to be the out come. Like it or not Donald Trump is out to slay political correctness, and for that he has both metaphorically and in reality become a lightening rod.

When you come right down to it, this is how things were long before the scourge of political correctness looked to squelch freedom of speech. People could say what they wanted and really did not care if some got upset. They were simply speaking their mind and were not really worried if they ruffled a few feathers. It’s raw, it’s straight forward, and has zero political correctness.

At the time of penning this, Donald Trump had leveled his opinion about Senator John McCain being a war hero or not. But the fact is Donald Trump’s opinion is his personal opinion and nothing more. He is entitled to it and it is protected by the Constitution of the United States.

When you expand on that, there are 7.25 billion people on this planet, and that means there are 7.25 billion different personal opinions, and they all carry the same weight being ZERO. The fact is the only opinions that do carry weight are professional opinions. They come from properly credentialed people in the topic their opinion is in. For example a Medical Doctor can render professional opinions in medicine. But should he want to comment on Senator McCain being a hero or not that is just a personal opinion.

So here we are and the stage is set. Donald Trump’s straight forward businessman approach is being cheered by people who are fed up with walking on egg shells because some people around them need to be in therapy for emotional sensitivity. The other people see Senator McCain as a victim of Donald Trump’s personal opinion and are rallying to his side encouraging Donald Trump to extend an apology for having a personal opinion and expressing it. As ludicrous as that sounds that is what it is.

So the stage is set, the popcorn is in the kettle, and we shall see who will be slewed, and who is the slayer.


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