Donald Trump slayer of political correctness Part 4

To be the President of the United States or the leader of any country for that matter, that person needs to be an Alpha. But for the presidential candidates governed by political correctness, they are Beta at best. Without a true Alpha in the contest, the illusion that one of the Betas is an Alpha is what we have been seeing since political correctness reared it’s head for all to see.

When political correctness first came to be, people were just more or less sheep and got on the band wagon. The end results were for the most part terrible. People were afraid to speak their mind and for the most part the first amendment of the US Constitution was put on hold. The enforcement of political correctness became a social thing as well as a financial thing. If you did not comply, you were in some way punished.

The people that are predicting that Donald Trump will succumb to political correctness are discovering that as Donald does not need to worry about money or kissing anyone’s ass, the parameters to formulate Donald caving to political correctness don’t work. That is not to mention there are other deeper reasons why he will not fall.

Consider this if you would, if you have been to a movie theater lately and during the movie there was one or more scenes where someone did something that was totally politically incorrect and observed the theater erupt in cheers and applauding, that is simply a raw emotion showing people are totally fed up with political correctness. Had the same scene been when there was no political correctness, it likely would have been the same as any other scene.

So if you consider that scene in the movie, that is exactly what Donald Trump is doing, and those applauds and cheers are reflected in poll numbers. Donald has shown he is immune to the attacks of political correctness. The assorted cancelations of contracts he experienced meant to cow him did not work, and he is also fighting back and stands a good chance of winning as well. After all, all he did was express his opinion and that is protected by the first amendment. Where Donald talks about America being broken, he is talking about political correctness as being one of the things being broken. Where money influences power with rewards or punishment, so does it influence and inforce political correctness.

As this is an evolving story we will say the following, as the number of Republicans running for President is reduced, those points will go to another person. How many will go to Donald Trump and how many will go to another is yet to be seen, and that is way too far out for Connecting the Dots to make any sort of prediction. What we can say is we see no reason why Donald Trump should not stay in the lead. He has proven himself to be a leader who will not back down, and is not afraid to take the first shot.


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