Kim Davis compared to ISIS

If you’re an American 2015 has become a significant year for same sex couples. The US Supreme Court has ruled in favor of same sex marriage making it legal and binding in all fifty states. Yet there are a few officials who are imposing their own religious beliefs on same sex couples causing them to lose their rights under the law. ISIS does the same thing when it comes to choice, but the penalty they impose is much more permanent.


In general this is very easy to understand and see where the line is being drawn of religious freedom. Your welcome to your religious beliefs no matter what religion you are. If you’re an atheist your welcome to that too. As with all things in America including things beyond religion, it violates other people if you force your belief on others as it removes the other people’s freedom of choice.


So when you are an elected official or even just somebody at work, you need to check your religious beliefs at the door once you are on the clock. You are required to do the duties of your job even if they conflict. If you find that your moral and ethical views prohibit you from doing your job, then there are only two choices, quit or get fired.


In the case of Kim Davis, the Supreme Court ruling added a new requirement to her job that conflicted with her beliefs. However as an elected official and also needing to check her beliefs at the door, this is where she failed to comply as this is the basic separation of church and state. This is for the most part the standard of life in America. Hundreds of thousands of people work for defense contractors in America, but each and every one of the weapons they build can also be used for offence, and killing is much more serious than letting same sex couples get married.


How ISIS compares to this you very simply need to consider their views. You either become a Muslim and follow their version of Sharia law, or they kill you on the spot. So where Kim Davis was removing the choice of same sex couples to get married because of her religious beliefs, ISIS removes your choice of religion because of their religious beliefs as well. There is no difference, and you can swap out any noun you want but it is exactly the same being to deprive based on religion.


So the same Americans working for defense contractors who are providing the means to rain down bombs on ISIS because they disagree with their full on slaughtering of people because of their religious beliefs, there is a moral element to this as well. But to bring up all the moral and ethical issues and how it all ties in to religion and religious beliefs of what is right and wrong, it all comes down to just checking them at the door and doing your job, and that is what Kim Davis needs to do.

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