ISIS By the Book!

Depending on who you listen to, you will likely hear a few things about ISIS that are conflicting. One viewpoint is ISIS is a jihadist extremist militant group who is out of control. However there is another viewpoint that says they are not extremist, they are just following the Quran to the letter.

There is no doubt some sort of propaganda is at play when it comes to ISIS for both sides of the coin. So Connecting the Dots decided to dig a little and do what we do best, and that is to connect the dots to see the bigger picture.

So The First Dot that is often in the news is ISIS has one very good recruitment campaign. They manage to get recruits and supporters from every country with relative ease. So what that says is they must be offering something that hits on a core value to their potential recruits. After all who would want to go and get bombs dropped on them from a bunch of countries. That core value just happens to be a pure Islamic state as defined in the Quran. So the point is people who are very deep into the ways of Islam and don’t like all the non-Islamic behavior of what the rest of the world is doing will be tempted to go and join ISIS.

The Second Dot is wars against Islam have been going on for almost 1500 years or so. That this also says is there is consistency in the motivation behind Jihadists. What this also implies is ISIS and their position is nothing new. There is a consistency in the functions and rules of Caliphate all along the history of Islamic conflicts.


So very quickly most people will conclude, that this is not the view of extremists, it is simply the standard view of what Islam really is. It only seems extreme because the world has evolved over 1500 years since this entire chain of Islamic conflicts started.


The Third Dot is in every religion including the Muslim religion, there are followers who are at different levels of belief and enforcement. If you look at the Catholic religion and their position on the uses of condoms and other birth control, you will see Catholics for the most part ignoring that position. Only the most devout Catholics will take the church’s position to the letter. Note: The Catholic church will not kill or administer bodily harm if you don’t comply. On the same note you will see some Muslims eating pork and drinking alcohol. However for Muslims, Sharia law does call out for death or bodily harm if you don’t comply.


The Fourth Dot is you have heard of ISIS killing Muslims. If you dig deep enough you will see the Muslims they are killing are not 100% devout Muslims. They break a rule here and there as do most people in any religion. So because they are not pure of heart in their devotion to Islam, ISIS simply stops their heart from beating anymore. This is not a new theme by any means, all you need do is look back to Nazi Germany or any genocidal conflict that just kills people wholesale because they are different in one way or another.


So as you connect all these dots together, you start to see there is a very strong possibility that ISIS is not an extremist group, they simply have views that follow the Quran to the letter, and that just happens to be in conflict with the way the rest of the world thinks. Looking at history and as history tends to repeat, this is just the next loop in the cycle between the view of Islam and the rest of the world. The Quran talks about intolerance of non-believers, and that most certainly is the announced motivation behind a jihad.



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