Connecting the Dots on the true Islam

For the most part, many people don’t take the time to dig into things and are content with sound bites that can easily be taken out of context. We hear about ISIS and other groups in the news almost daily, and we hear words like extremists, terrorist and a few other words that have become synonymous with those groups. But the other side of the coin is those words may not be entirely accurate if you look at the entire context.

Connecting the Dots has become motivated by what was discovered in the research of our entry “ISIS By The Book!”. Because of that discovery, we felt compelled to call to people’s attention some things that may have been blurred by propaganda meant to influence opinion as well as to prevent a full out revolt against Muslims who don’t subscribe to the full on views of Islam. What we saw that was very clearly published in the very respectable Wikipedia was enough to realize there is a red flag waving in our faces. However because so many people have become complacent, it mostly becomes invisible because of being content with sound bites.


Before reading on, it is strongly recommended that you read our previous entry “ISIS By The Book!” as a prerequisite before reading this entry. It will help you see some things that are not fully said here. The goal here is to provide the full context of what we are not being told. Once you understand and connect the dots yourself with all this publically available information, you may find yourself agreeing with the viewpoint of what some people may call or label anti Muslim/Islam hate groups.


Starting with the Prophet Muhammed, there is a list of expeditions that when read it looks more like the Resume of a General. Deeper in the article the word expeditions is more accurately named battles. There are 100 listed in the Wikipedia entry, and the reasons for the battles are listed. It is important to note that Wikipedia has some questions about the accuracy of the information and has put a potential disclaimer in. however assuming it is at least half true, it does start you thinking about the nature of the beast being Islam.


Even back then, disrespecting Muhammed will get you killed. So even an image of the Prophet Muhammed today can cause violence as we have seen in more than one instance. Behavior like that is a view into the true nature of Islam and not really an extremist view. If you take into account today of who likes their photo taken and who does not, we see people who are fugitives on the run avoid being photographed as there is little doubt facial recognition software is combing every page of social media looking for people. That is also true for people who are active in criminal activity. So at the very least you need to wonder what the underlying reasons are. Whatever one you come up with, it is likely not to be seen as normal.


So reading on through the list of battles, you can start to see it is comply with Islam or die. So if this is the seed mentality of Islam, you start to see where today’s behavior is coming from. However we also must consider that other religions of the time were also of similar mentality. Back then religion ruled the land. Any governments who did not have a tyrant running them who was strong enough to fend off religious attacks for noncompliance were for the most part eliminated by one religion or another.


We feel it is important to note that all religions except Islam have modified their view and position over the years. The most obvious and most recent is Pope Francis who is actively overhauling the Catholic church. One of the reasons Islam has not changed is because it is prohibited in the Quran. So as barbaric as things were back in the days of the Prophet Muhammed, is exactly how they are today. So when you take that into consideration, the label extremist does not exactly fit, and the term actually becomes a bit crude. More accurately described that is hard to describe in a single word is embracing pure Islam. Also Religious purist is also another term that is essentially accurate.


As with people embracing the purest form of a religion, we also need to keep in mind that people of similar mentality embrace other religions as well. For the most part people have encountered people like this at one time or another where their lives evolve around one holy book or another. The most common feeling people have is those people are a bit off balance and obsessed with religion. The one thing that differs is those religions don’t force you to join, they try to persuade you. They also don’t have a word that is the equal of Jihad or holy war. They also don’t seek to kill you if you attempt to change religions, though some may differ in opinion based on a recent news story of a teenage boy who was beaten to death for wanting to leave a Christian based church.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when you look at the bigger picture. So present day groups that some may call hate groups or anti Muslim groups are simply up to speed on what the true Islam is all about. Many governments don’t want them to get too much traction because if they do there is a very strong chance mob mentality will take over and Muslims that have denounced the stricter aspects of Islam could be harmed by a mob if tossed all in the same cooking pot.


Taking another step back and take a count of every active conflict in the world today, you will see all but a few involve Islam in one way or the other. The other conflicts are political and involve real-estate like in the Ukraine, or drug wars like in Mexico. The conflicts that have Islam involvement are all about forcing compliance with Islam, and are more or less just a continuation of the expeditions/battles of the Prophet Muhammed that were outlined in the Wikipedia entry listed above in this entry.


ISIS has taken the lead in this, and several countries have taken to bombing them. So for countries to take this measure, you must at least ask yourself are they seeing what is the true nature of what Islam is, or is it something else like wanting everyone to believe in that they are extremists and not just fully embracing Islam. So the actual question is, are the countries fighting ISIS, or are they fighting Islam. Politics and wanting to get reelected keeps them from saying what is the actual truth, of that you can be 100% certain.


It is important to note that this entry is not an opinion. It is a collection of historic facts published by scholars organized in a way to show a pattern of historic behavior.

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