2015 in review

It is once again time to look at the ride we had over the last year. Once again there were pluses and minuses. But for some reason 2015 seemed to be noticeably worse than 2014.

Listing the good things that happened is a bit difficult. Other than a few feel good moments that seem to be elusive, most of 2015 was about anger, death and destruction.

Some significant medical breakthroughs in the fight against cancer and other things found their way into the news. Perhaps the most impressive was doing some genetic modifications that let the body see and attack cancer cells. Former US President Jimmy Carter underwent just such a treatment and now after just a few months is cancer free.

There was an agreement on climate change, and that was a good thing by all accounts. Also the 1 or 2 percent of the people that deny climate change even exists were shut out of the conversation as they are now mostly seen as blind, ignorant or hired by companies that would lose profit if anti climate change measures were ever imposed.

As for the bad stuff, ISIS seems to have taken center stage and has more or less united the world against them. Cutting people’s heads off, and general slaughter is their signature. They have also triggered a mass exodus of people from Syria and other places they occupy heading towards the EU. There are other places that Islam is marching forward weeding out non-believers as in several African countries.

It seems the planet is a bit restless with a bit more volcanic activity than normal. That is not related to climate change as climate starts from the ground up and is not below ground.

People that we lost, perhaps none were more iconic than Leonard Nimoy AKA Mr. Spock of Star Trek. He propelled many people to become who they are today by spurring their imagination of what could be in the future. Of all the others that died in 2015, the name Mr. Spock is known in every country around the world by at least a few.

Other things that have happened is more general anger at the way things are going. People’s fuses are shorter and violent outbursts are being seen more and more.

For the most part that is what we see that had the biggest effect on the way the planet spun in 2015.

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