Donald Trump slayer of political correctness Part 8

It has become almost humorous watching predictions of Donald Trump’s demise all fall flat on their face. Each and every prediction of demise is based on politically correct behaviors. So when you stand back and take a big look, it is not so much what Donald is saying, it is what the people are saying about sticking political correctness where the sun never shines.


It is now obvious that a significant majority of people despise political correctness. The number of people seeking counseling and therapy so they can hold it together in a politically correct world is astounding. Therapy for dealing with political correctness should never be. Donald has become the focal point of all those voices who are crying for help. As for what that significant majority is, all you need do is look back to a time before political correctness came to be as that percentage is unlikely to have changed. Hint: about 95%.


So putting politics aside and looking at what is happening and how much nature plays a role in this, people now are increasingly seeing Donald Trump as a means to an end of political correctness. Early on in his presidential campaign many did not know what to expect, but they were attracted to how Donald was dealing with the attacks on him by the politically correct police. It is fair to say that the rally behind Donald is much about that as well as Donald’s campaign theme to make America great again.


When you take a look at many Hollywood movies that depict the masses rallying behind the depicted Alpha, you come to understand that account is based in reality. General Patton was not by any means politically correct, but he had the full support and respect of the troops he lead as well as other Generals on both sides of the front line. Donald Trump is very likely to be the modern day General George S. Patton and the same respect is likely.


If you consider every other candidate for president is just a Beta when compared to Donald, you start to understand how nature is playing an ever increasing role. The reason the other candidates are Beta is political correctness has made them that way. The only other candidate that shines is Chris Christie because of his no nonsense approach to issues.


Other things that make Donald so attractive is many Americans feel America is not aggressive enough when dealing with bad boy countries. The nuclear deal with Iran and the brinksmanship from North Korea simply turn the stomachs of many Americans. It is already clear Donald Trump would not let that happen. Trying to apply politically correct policies to countries that execute their citizens if their fart drifts the wrong way just doesn’t fly.


Because of that we feel many die hard Democrats will cross the line and vote for a Republican President even if it means giving up a few things that Democrats offer.


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