Stalled US Congress problems self-identified

With the sudden need to appoint a new Justice to the US Supreme Court, the group of people responsible for stalling Congress made themselves known. They did that by publically announcing within hours of the opening on the court they would not process any new candidates until the Presidential elections were over. That is despite the fact that a sitting President is still the President until the end of their term, and by law they must nominate a candidate for the open seat at the US Supreme Court, and Congress must process that candidate without delay.


We at Connecting the Dots will not name names on this issue, we will simply refer to those people as dysfunctional members of Congress (DMOC). So as the events unfolded, and without even knowing the name or political party of the future candidate, the DMOC took their stall things stance for all to see. This attitude of not even wanting to do their job shows just how dysfunctional they actually are. It could be somewhat compared to a child’s temper tantrum.




With that said and demonstrated, we start to wonder how these people got into office. There is a chain of events that comes to mind but it is only speculation as not all the DMOC came in that way.


But the bottom line is Congress must approve someone for the vacant position on the Supreme Court and not stand in the way and or stall the process. If they are unable or unwilling to perform their mandate, then they must step aside.


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